The OTHER jeep  :o)

Vestfirðirnir í janúar / The Vestfjörds in January

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The OTHER jeep :o)

We travelled 8 together on 2 jeeps - I was driving one and "the teacher" is the owner of this terrific monster... The house we stayed in is there in the background.

Just another Icelandic road

This is a very common sight all around Iceland in the winter time whereas we don´t have that much traffic that "far away from the BIG towns.

The house :o)

Our house these three days. It had no heat nor hot water - so it was a little back to the past experience (although not OUR past ;o)


The visibility was not over 10km all these days - but we made the best from what we had... (this is actually taken during the hours of a stuck car ;o)

Far FAR away

Although the visibility was just a few hundred meters (we did not actually see far FAR away) - we took a lot of fun pictures using the minimalism we got from the situation.

A beach and a snow storm

The visibility getting less and less.

One foggy afternoon

The "snow-storm" crawling in :o)

Leading to a ....... ;o)

The mountain Baula at the end of the road there.

Where the past meets the present

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