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Elise, album created on August 16, 2009

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Isabella, album created on February 22, 2008

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Milena, album created on February 22, 2008

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Kitchen Sophistication — Milena - 14 years ago


  • Better than just a blank page

    - November 13, 2007
    I have decided to make my photographs available for sale, both framed and unframed. Just log on to Imagekind. Click on the logo. Before presenting my profile, I would like to publicly express my disappointment with some image/video sharing on line communities and the policies on censorship they uphold. Yes, there is some nudity in my work, but nudity had been a part of art since the very beginnings of human existence. For those who don’t know this, nude drawing and painting…

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FMW51 club
Season’s Greetings from Dresden!
8 years ago.
FMW51 club
I wish you a great weekend with challenging motives and excellent light to do so.
8 years ago.
Très belle galerie et qui montre la beauté de la femme dans ce qu'elle a de plus précieux, .. sa féminité transcendante
un traitement adapté et plaisant tout au long de ta galerie
12 years ago.
Un travail ramarquable, excellent
13 years ago.
14 years ago.

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