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Updated on: June 11, 2019.
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[Capslock] to [@] -_- ALTcodes 3♥ 12♀ 16► 17◄ 31▼ + - 10 years ago

[] [ @.exe ] [ autohotkey.exe ] [ ahk.exe ] [ full ahk inst. pack. ] the 31 control/=ascii characters in windows are substituded with symbols. an url☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○◙__♂♀♪♫☼►◄↕‼¶__§▬↨↑↓→←∟↔ ▲__▼ view the following post → how to modify the keyboard layout ( ♥ = [ALTgr] + h ) in 4 easy steps with a mofdified keyboard layout you can type the most charsacters with one hand REMAPPING: capslock to @ the ↓ short ahk line do…

  • XP how to open programs, url´s + pathes with [win] +[x] -_- x=1-9 a-z +#ßäüö-.,

    - March 23, 2010
    [ ↓Advanced 2 ore more url´s or (program/file) pathes via win + x ↓] Requirement up to ~35* small , visible symbols with unique starting characters in the START menu *depends on the hight of your screen Initial step: •rightclick on program shortcuts →pin to start menu or •drag file, url + folder symbols with the pushed left mouse key to START and after ~1sec release them underneth the browser + mail shortcuts Tips ► rename the shortcuts My documents**, My Computer,…

  • ☠ ♥ † █ +.. typable with the german "Xtended" keyboard layout

    - January 18, 2010
    [ALTgr] + [x] download includes a setup.exe and an update....bat* file + the if you intend to change to another version or an own layout ►try to uninstall the layout by clicking the setup.exe again if this doesn´t work, try an layout named too "de" and use the update.bat file ( copies and overwrites "de.dll" in the folder /windows/system32 )

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Happy↑Easter in one row
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Weilin Gong
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happy Chinese new lunar year ! friend.
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Thx for adding me, but when I read your nickname in the email message I really thought at first that it would be spam... ;-)
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