[ ↓Advanced 2 ore more url´s or (program/file) pathes via win + x ↓]

up to ~35* small, visible symbols with unique starting characters in the START menu
*depends on the hight of your screen

Initial step:
•rightclick on program shortcuts →pin to start menu or
•drag file, url + folder symbols with the pushed left mouse key to START and after ~1sec release them underneth the browser + mail shortcuts

► rename the shortcuts My documents**, My Computer, My pictures
► you can hide shortcuts like control panel, my network places
rightclick on the clock, →properties, →Tab startmenu, customize
►use + for the calculator →1-9 for program versions ie7 ff3
► you can hide the mail + browser shortcuts and you can remove them via rightclick but you cant rename them

2 ore more "pathes" with one shortcut
save a x.bat file or a shortcut from a x.bat file into the START menu

create in the file lines like the following

"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" http://shortcutblog.de
explorer http://scr1pt.tk/#__with_→1
explorer C:\windows
notepad C:\pc.txt

** by renaming "My documents" to "d" , you can open the dir or the subfolder /sf by typing "d" or "d/sf" into the TASKBAR, Ie or explorer addressBAR and hiting ENTER or [→]