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Updated on: November 17, 2018.

plastik projekt, album created on February  1, 2017

hallo liebe freunde, liebe besucher hier, möchte ich euch noch einmal mein neues projekt vorstellen. gemeinsam auf eine reise gehen. das hauptthema für 2017 heißt plastik. um dieses thema in szene zu setzen, kommen verschiedene hilfsmittel zum einsatz. es werden din a2 schablohnen aus pappe sein und ein bilderrahmen um die projekte schön in szene zu setzen. von dem thema plastik werden wir ja alle täglich berührt. plastik ist zu unseren ständigen begleiter geworden. plastik bewegt menschen. ge…

alles fassade, album created on April 27, 2016

in meiner kleinen galerie sind immer mal wieder bilder zum thema fassade aufgetaucht. nun ist ein album entstanden, das sich mit dem vielssagenden thema fassade beschäftigt. der arbeitstitel liegt also nahe. das album wird "alles fassade" heißen.

golf projekt, album created on February  4, 2016

mein golf projekt, wird teil eines anderen projektes sein, das in 2016 entsteht. chrissy und katja, hatten die idee für das 50 bilder projekt.

stopmotion von farven bis kutenholz

viele einzelbilder/einzelfotos zu einem film gemacht. - See all videos
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Expert Advice - 16 months ago

Expert Advice As is well-known, every society has their experts. Representative for them, a few shall be named here. They are religious leaders, clerics, gurus or political leaders. Their task is to explain life to us and show us their path. In rare cases only, this happens for "unselfish" reasons. According to own experience or autonomous thinking, it appears increasingly that they strive to sell the false as right- with all consequences that follow from this for the individual or the co…

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Eric Desjours
Eric Desjours
I thank you for your kind message, diedje. And thank you also for your loyalty and your dynamism, which give us, as well as those of the most active members, the motivation to involve in continuing the adventure of this site. Everyone participates; everyone has the merit. We all need each other!
My best wishes,
4 months ago.
Es gefällt mir hier in deiner Galerie!
Grüße aus Dortmund, mrsiko
7 months ago.
Thanks for the visit and the favourites, some of which were an unusual (and most welcome) choice. Have a great weekend.
11 months ago.
Great imagery and creative ideas! It's very inspiring!
19 months ago.
As you are already aware ipernity is under threat of closure.

However, I’m pleased to say that a crowdfunding campaign has been initiated to raise funds to secure the platform's short term future in the first instance, but ultimately with a view to acquiring it for the community.

Many have already made a donation, myself included, and the campaign has got off to a great start, but there is still a way to go and less than a fortnight to reach the target … otherwise the site will almost certainly close.

So, I would urge you, if you haven't already made a pledge, but want ipernity to survive to follow the link below and donate as much as you can afford.

Help Save Ipernity

This is a unique opportunity then for everyone who loves ipernity and who wants it to not only survive, but to become somewhere we can call home for many years to come to help secure its future. Yes, there are still questions to be answered and hurdles to be overcome, but together we really can make a difference.

Please support the campaign in any way you can, be that by making a donation, encouraging your friends and family to do so, or even just by mentioning it on social media such as Facebook or Twitter.

Best wishes

20 months ago.

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