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My Garden 2020, album created on May  2, 2020

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Insects, album created on March 21, 2020

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Isle of Wight, album created on February 11, 2020

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Re-subscribed. - 4 years ago

I let my subscription lapse...but have decided to renew it again for a couple of years...I likethe way I can organsie albums etc here.

  • Join Ipernity Properly?

    - May 22, 2014
    So it seems I have reached the display limit of my free account and now the time has come to decide whether to join Ipernity properly. Do I continue to run both Flickr and Ipernity, or do I switch to just one? Difficult decision as some groups I am on support Flickr but not Ipernity, but I like this format much better. It boils down to finances for me, or rather lack of them! Just musing...while I think.

  • Back in England & Alzheimers.

    - April 12, 2014
    Well I have been back a week now, how time flies! It was lovely being able to go home to New Zealand and visit my Mum, Dad, Sister and her husband. The weather was fantastic the whole time there with the exception of one afternoon and one day when Cyclone Luci was over. I walked 6 - 8 km every day with my Dad and his dog Sophie. Unfortunately we were unable to do our usual day trips due to being unable to leave my Mum alone for that long. We did have three lovely afternoons out at some beac…

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 Balancing Kiwi
Balancing Kiwi club
Hello Mien...but I am a Kiwi, from New Zealand! ;-)
5 years ago.
 Datkan Anders
Datkan Anders
Hello Kiwi, please say hello to Barbie
6 years ago.
 Balancing Kiwi
Balancing Kiwi club
Hello there! Thank you for visiting me :-)
6 years ago.
 Datkan Anders
Datkan Anders
Hello Kiwi, please give my love to all of the Dolls..!
6 years ago.
 Balancing Kiwi
Balancing Kiwi club
Thanks for the invite Beth, it looks like a fun group.
7 years ago.

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