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Updated on: 10 Dec 2023.

The Josefuv Dul Car Show, 2015, album created on 10 Dec 2023

This set of photos delayed me from posting to iPernity for literally eight years, but I'm back now. Going through these, getting rid of most of them, was daunting, and I've had many other projects outside of photography over the years. In any case, I'm back for now, and after I finish this album there will probably be more, although I don't know how many. I hope you all enjoy it! This car show was at Josefuv Dul in July of 2015, and featured a lot of very rare cars in addition to the predi…

2007, album created on 06 Jun 2008

This album is to showcase a tiny sample of the mass of photographs I took in 2007, which may be my most productive year ever in terms of photography. I took shots in nine countries of all sorts of different subjects, and took literally thousands of shots. Maybe it was a record, but I took so many pictures I don't have the time to count them all.

UV Mapping Video, 2016

Originally, I had planned on using my first Blender project for Trainz as an assignment at Prague College. To my surprise, it was too long when presented live, and of questionable relevance to many students (who were my audience) who (surprisingly)… - See all videos
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Train Simulators - 10 years ago

As I explained in my last blog, this entry will attempt to examine the situation of train simulators at present. I should emphasize that I make many generalizations below based on experience. If you want me to elaborate further, get back to me. Sometimes I expect you'll know something that I don't. Introduction and Background Strangely, my experience as of late has been that train simulators are in a far better position than flight simulators, at least at the consumer level. They…

  • Where Next for Flight Simulation?

    - 02 Nov 2012
    Introduction This post is a break from what I usually write, as I have a backlog of photos to scan, and for the moment I won't have anything new in the way of photography. As everyone knows, iPernity is an art site, as much as a photo site, and this is partly what makes it preferable to Flickr. You won't have your work booted or censored just because it's a drawing, painting, sculpture, video, CGI, or written work, among the various things that you can post here. Until my most recent upl…

  • Problem with mosaic pattern left on MiniDV tapes during recording, not from playheads.

    - 15 Jul 2010
    Well...I've run into another technical problem. My upcoming video project is threatened (at least to some degree) by my camera breaking down. I'm having a problem with the "mosaic" interference on MiniDV tapes that's normally caused by a dirty play head, but in this case it seems to be connected with the recording process since my old tapes play just fine. I've made 21.5 tapes with the camera, basically, and since the 12th tape, the problem has been intermittant, mostly in the first 15-25…

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Wow, I don't have a translator for Esperanto. I hope it's a nice message, anyway. :-)
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Que tengas un bonito inicio de semana junto a tú familia. Un cariñoso saludo de Osorno
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Thanks for your recent visit ... and your generous votes for my pics!
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Great pictures ... and interesting subjects.
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You're welcome!! :-)
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