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Updated on: June 20, 2016.

Germany, Part 2, album created on June 19, 2016

Again, this is an album fto replace one hidden by iPernity.

2014, album created on June 11, 2016

2014 saw me visit England, Wales, Germany, France, England and Wales again, not to mention the aviation museum at Prague Kbely airport, not to mention numerous concerts.

UV Mapping Video, 2016

Originally, I had planned on using my first Blender project for Trainz as an assignment at Prague College. To my surprise, it was too long when presented live, and of questionable relevance to many students (who were my audience) who (surprisingly)… - See all videos
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Train Simulators - 4 years ago

As I explained in my last blog, this entry will attempt to examine the situation of train simulators at present. I should emphasize that I make many generalizations below based on experience. If you want me to elaborate further, get back to me. Sometimes I expect you'll know something that I don't. Introduction and Background Strangely, my experience as of late has been that train simulators are in a far better position than flight simulators, at least at the consumer level. They…

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Thanks for helping develop the group 'Built and Bolted Britain'.
3 years ago.
Maria Zarębska
Maria Zarębska
Thanks !!!
3 years ago.
Jon Searles
Jon Searles
Wow, I don't have a translator for Esperanto. I hope it's a nice message, anyway. :-)
6 years ago.
Olivier Eliovir
Olivier Eliovir
Hello, thanks for your visit. I'm glad to see you vote for some photos. Bye.

Saluton, dankon por via vizito. Mi ĝojas ke vi voĉdonis por kelkaj fotoj. Ĝis
7 years ago.
Que tengas un bonito inicio de semana junto a tú familia. Un cariñoso saludo de Osorno
8 years ago.

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