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Updated on: August  7, 2022.

MY MOTHERS SCULPTURES, album created on May 31, 2022

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ISABELLA PLANTATION APRIL 2022, album created on May  1, 2022

A FLORAL FEAST IT IS THAT TIME of year again, maybe a little earlier than usual because of the changing meteorological conditions, which are of great concern these days. Located in the southwest part of Richmond Park is one of London’s floral miracles: The Isabella Plantation (see:, for a shorth history). It is at its colourful best at the end of April and in early May. During this period, the camellia, azalea, and rhododendron bushes…

POLLILUR BATTLE 1780, album created on March 30, 2022

Details of a painting of the Battle of Pollilur (1780) in which the army of Mysore defeated the army of the British East India Company. For more details, see:

Pelicans preening

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