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Diving in the Andaman Sea

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One more Lion fish

18 Mar 2009 312
The lionfish is one of the most venomous fish on the ocean bottom floor and very common in the Andaman Sea, but it isn't pushy and makes no problem to divers.

Underwater scene on our diving safari

Soft coral in nice colors

Coral motive underwater

Diving in the depth of 40 meters

Diving Boat Sai Mai

18 Mar 2009 323
The Sai Mai has its long history for my preferred by diving boats. I went twice to the Burmesian Mergui Archipelago and twice it went the long way to the Andaman Island to Port Blair without having any problems.

Ritta and the boats crew

18 Mar 2009 281
The boats crew of the Sai Mai, two boat boys, the cook (second from left), and captain Nueng (behind Ritta on the right side)

Tour organizer and boats share partner Rüdiger, †…

18 Mar 2009 301
Rüdiger is a share partner of the "Sai Mai". I was going out to dive with the Sai Mai the fifth time, two times in Burmesian waters at the Mergui Archipelago. Captain Nueng, who is leading the boat for three years already was our boat boy before helping filling the tanks and drying the suits. † I feel very sad after been informed with the message that Rüdiger passed away in November 2009 due a sudden personal health failure. I express my full compassion to the friends, relatives and family members.

Ao Yon on Phuket Island

19 Mar 2009 548
Ao Yon is one of the last bays on Phuket where people find their silence without the disturbing of shouting beach vendors. Its a private area but under Thai law no beach can be private.

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