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Diving in the Andaman Sea

The start of our diving tour to Ko Tarutao National Park in Southern Thailand was overshadowed by a very sad event: On the day we left Phuket and Patong Bay, the diving boat "DIVE ASIA I" capsized and sank in a heavy storm on the way back from the Similan Islands. Our heart is with the seven victims who died under unfortunate circumstances. The power of the sea is always more greater than human b…  (read more)

Under water life near Phi Phi island

11 Mar 2009 657
The diving tourism near the Phi Phi islands has increased very much. Sometimes more than 20 diving boats running with their loud engines on the ocean surface and many divers jump in the water at the same time. Of course all big fish disappear, just the small fish life still makes the dives amazing.

Colorful anemone plants

11 Mar 2009 2 534
In just 20 meters depth the colors still have a beautiful shiny effect.

Derelict in the depth of 20 meters

11 Mar 2009 392
Diving around a derelict always makes an amazing experience. But going into the wreck isn't easy and dangerous, it needs own PADI lessons for education.

Phi Phi Leh island

11 Mar 2009 516
This island has a cave, where people raise swallow nets for the common chinese dishes. But there is 2,000 years old historic wall painting on the rock, showing a viking boat and an evidence that the vikings pass this place a long time ago. The Thai people expect that the tourists believe this. Its a long time piss take for all tourists !!!

Pinnacle near Phi Phi Leh

11 Mar 2009 2 424
The difference between a pinnacle and an island is that the pinnacle hasn't any trees - its written in the international law of navigation.

Phi Phi Leh from the south side

11 Mar 2009 1 433
Koh Phi Phi are two islands Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh. Only Phi Phi Don is inhabited and full of tourist resorts.

Other dive boat on Phi Phi Leh

11 Mar 2009 475
This diving places are good for beginners, because there isn't much current underwater if the dive guides pay attention for the turning of the tides.

Fan coral in its nice color

Bernd waiting for UW action

Scorpaenidae or the Scorpion fish

11 Mar 2009 1 445
often mixed up with the venous Stone Fish

Fishing boat in the bay of Phi Phi Don

In the Ton Sai Bay of Phi Phi Don

11 Mar 2009 1 379
There are many boats mooring in this bay, it wasn't easy to find a free anchor place (mooring).

Sunset in the bay of Phi Phi Don

11 Mar 2009 1 448
We enjoyed the sunset in the bay and took our rubber dinghy to reach the beach and spend the evening on the island. Just look to a picture of Phi Phi island 1987, when I came to the place the first time:

Street life on the Phi Phi Don Island

11 Mar 2009 1 356
Every service is available, the ATM can be used with German Bank cards and the Internet shops offer high speed connection to phone to home with the Webcam.

Unacceptable trophy souvenirs to sell for flighty…

11 Mar 2009 470
There are still too many brainless tourists who buy trophies like these shark jaws. By giving income to unscrupulous business men, they support the killing of the remainder of the few sharks still living in Thai waters.

At the pier on Phi Phi Don

11 Mar 2009 365
Ko Phi Phi Don is now squarely on the tourist map, and tourists from all over the world (especially Europe, Japan, and the wealthier Southeast Asian countries) flock to the island. The tsunami Dec 26 2004 already is forgotten - the tourist life goes on. (I came to the Phi Phi islands first time 1987, their wasn't any opportunity to overnight on the island and the islander, Moken origins, didn't ask for money when I bought some fish, they asked for canned food.) Arrival Phi Phi Island in 1987:

Further diving place for one day tours

12 Mar 2009 376
Nice island but no fresh water. The diving place offers exciting dives for one day tours from Phuket.

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