Erik and me

Diving in the Andaman Sea

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Yellow fin fusilier fish

Curious sea habitant looking out the coral

A shoal of fish darken the light under water

Nemo is looking

16 Mar 2009 262
Clown Fish very often are seen between the anemones, they move so fast that its not easy to snap them.

Masked Pufferfish

16 Mar 2009 308
As this fish grows to adulthood its body shape changes to a more streamlined, elongated form, losing some of the characteristic over-square appearance. This one is using its pectoral fins to maneuver, as it contemplates how to escape the imposing company of my camera.

Other croup of butterfly fish

Close to the butterfly fish

Staghorn corals

Anemones and a starfish

Dasyatis, kind of a sting ray

Lion's mane jellyfish

16 Mar 2009 1 1 678
This jellyfish I've seen during my security stop in the depth of 4 Meters.

Caught Barracuda

16 Mar 2009 240
The Barracuda fish is one of the dangerous fish under water if it comes as a lone fish. It attacks divers if they are dazzled by the divers torch. This Barracuda was angled for our dish.

One more Lion Fish

17 Mar 2009 266
Although its so venous its one of the most admirable fish in this waters.

A map for under water dives

17 Mar 2009 250
This map shows the landscape the buoys and the fish which can be seen under this dives. We do our arrangements with the help of maps like this.

Hans the dive doctor

17 Mar 2009 280
Hans with more than 1,000 dives has the certification in dive medicine

Sunset near Ko Tarutao

17 Mar 2009 506
A large container ship is passing at the skyline.

A lonely Manta Ray

18 Mar 2009 1 397
It was the only Manta Ray we saw on this diving tour. The place of Mantas is Ko Bon and Ko Tachai near Similan

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