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Diving in the Andaman Sea

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Some butterfly fish go in pose

13 Mar 2009 241
Nice fish and their behaving is that the don't move fast away when I am going to capture them.

Butterfly fish

Hans the dive doctor

14 Mar 2009 216
Hans form Nuremberg has more than 1,000 dives and is educated being a dive doctor a special field of study.

Boarding the boat after having a good dive

14 Mar 2009 272
One of the most common accidents during diving is that the diver squashes his fingers during climbing on the boarding ladder.

The home for captain Nemo

14 Mar 2009 234
Missing the clown fish, they are so fast.

Ko Lipe near Ko Tarutao

14 Mar 2009 242
The name "Ko Lipe" means paper Island in the local Chao Ley (or Urak Lawoi or Sea Gypsy) language.

Ko Lipe Pattaya Beach

14 Mar 2009 395
Ko Lipe (sometimes referred to as Ko Leepeeh or Ko Leepay) is a small island in the Southern Thai province of Satun, and is situated in the Andaman Sea. The island is part of the Tarutao National Marine Park, a large group of over 70 islands. Ko Lipe is part of a smaller cluster of 10 island, about 70 kilometres off shore. Pattaya Beach shouldn't be mixed up with the tourist gathering place Pattaya 160 km east of Bangkok in the Gulf of Siam.

Sunset at Ko Lipe Island Pattaya Beach

Simple bar in Rastafari look

14 Mar 2009 1129
Some bars and resort huts look like housings of reggae people on Jamaican islands. The sound of Reggae music everywhere is covering the islands atmosphere.

Simple strand locals at the beach on Ko Lipe

14 Mar 2009 323
On Pattaya beach a few places draw in the crowds every night with a barbecue on the beach. Popular with many visitors, but it does seem a bit inconsiderate to eat big plates of seafood in the middle of a national marine park (and yes, some of the fish for sale is caught illegally in the park).

At the Pattaya Beach on Ko Lipe

14 Mar 2009 508
Pattaya Beach, the most popular beach on the island has wide variety of places to feel a relaxing atmosphere. Have a look at this beautiful island.

Cottages to hire on the island

14 Mar 2009 190
Some simple but idyllic huts are to hire for reasonable prices close to the Pattaya Beach. An ideal place to spend holidays with small kids.

Sita Resort on Ko Lipe

14 Mar 2009 300
The beautiful compound of the Sita Resort on Ko Lipe has to pay a high price. The cost to rent a room or hut for a night has costs the exorbitant amount of 6,000 Baht = 125 € (low season walk in price and stark raving mad for this island).

Our diving group enjoy the entertainment of the is…

14 Mar 2009 277
From left to the right: Ritta, Bernd, Alex Erik and his father Hans. Myself I'm not on the picture I' shooting it.

Lime-blue anemones

15 Mar 2009 414
The more deeply you go the more colors go lost. The color blue still it has in the depth of 35 Meters.


15 Mar 2009 205
Nudbranches are very common in this waters, some are amazing colorfull.

Scorpaenidae a Largescaled scorpionfish

16 Mar 2009 216
Its camouflage is perfect, it needs a trained eye to realize it.

Gorgonian also called sea whip or sea fan

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