Erik and me

Diving in the Andaman Sea

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12 Mar 2009 1 236
Alex is the dive guide and has more than 3500 dives. He always shows his humor underwater, sometimes i was laughing that I got problems to swallow to much water.

Next joke from Alex

12 Mar 2009 1 259
Alex makes his fun with a sea cucumber and laughing underwater isn't easy.

The cucumber

12 Mar 2009 259
This kind of sea cucumber often is liked for chinese dishes.

Other Scorpoin fish waiting for a goody

Turtle rushes to the surface

12 Mar 2009 1 1 372
The turtle has to rush to the surface to breath a gasp for the next hour.

Moray eel curiously looking out

12 Mar 2009 388
Divers like to play with Morays because they look out what's happen. I met hundreds of Morays under water they never are aggressiv.

Diving between the riffs

12 Mar 2009 1 285
Its amazing to dive between the riffs but its risky due the swells. We'd to observe the swells at the surface before diving between the riffs and going into the caves.

Diving into the cave

12 Mar 2009 230
In some caves you see many big fish sleeping on the ground. It isn't easy to photograph in the cave you need a good "light show", the diver calls the flash and the spotlight.

An ideal place for diving

12 Mar 2009 217
At this dive place we enjoyed more dives and every was a different experience.

Excellent Sashimi prepared from freshly caught fis…

12 Mar 2009 304
This Sashimi dish was prepared from a tunafish caught only minutes before. We left our fishing rods out during the ship's transit to our diving grounds, only catching the food we eat. Almost everyone who ever has tried raw tuna like this will love it for the rest of his life.


13 Mar 2009 378
A Lionfish is any of several species of venomous marine fish, in thai waters it is common like the trees in the forest. Its dangerous to touch the fin but the fish never is aggressive, if the diver just ignore it nothing will be happen.

Mug corals

13 Mar 2009 210
The home for some small fish.

Please keep smiling

13 Mar 2009 1 299
Ritta, she always carried a NIKON D 70 and the SB 800 flash in a UW housing making excellent photo shoots.

To surface again

13 Mar 2009 304
Our boat boy passes a ball on the robe to pull us divers back to the boats platform.

Erik and me

13 Mar 2009 1 331
Erik, son of our diving partner and dive medicine doctor Hans is in the edge of my son Oliver (25) and has the experience of about 240 dives (myself 270 dives).

Security stop at the depth of 6 meters

13 Mar 2009 213
Its our rule to have a stop for 5 Minutes before going up to the surface and set the diving buoy we call elephant condom.

Soft coral and a starfish

Gorgeous underwater world

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