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  • Along the side way in Camagüey

    It is always nice to stroll around in the streets of Camagüey. Look at the colors - look at the architecture - so simpel, but so warm. Typical colonial houses, the facade of many houses in Cuba has a large central door, cut in for easy access and one or t…

  • Musicans in a sideway in Santiago de Cuba

    At many places in Santiago de Cuba people making Cuban music to enjoy the public and to earn some CUC from go by pedestrians.

  • Landscape beside the highway to Santiago de Cuba

    On the way to Santiago de Cuba we enjoyed this beautiful late afternoon for a short stopover. Some cows were grazing on the field. Beef meet is controlled by the state, and therefore illegal to sell outside of state owned shops and restaurants.

  • The Hershey Cuban Railway

    In 1916 the Hershey Chocolate Corporation of Pennsylvania purchased large tracts of land and built a sugar mill 45 km east of Havana, about halfway between the capital and Matanzas a smal village of Havana province. To transport its produce to nearby port…

  • Horse carriage in Habana Vieja

    In front of Palacio Del Marques De San Felipe Y Santiago de Bejucal. A round tour with a carriage is an unforgetable experience which ever traveller should not miss in Habana Vieja (Havana Old City).

  • An alleyway in Camagüey

    The old city layout resembles a real maze, with narrow, short streets always turning in a direction or another. A stranger visiting the city downtown Camagüey soon gets problems to orientate in the maze of many small city lanes.

  • Schoolgirls discusion in Trinidad

    Outside the elementary school downtown Trinidad Cuba.

  • Cuba national flag over an alley in Trinidad

    High overneath a side way in Trinidad the national flag of Cuba was fluttering in the wind. The national banner, the image of Che and Fidel is present everywhere on Cuba island.

  • Oldtimer car in Trinidad

    A so-called 'yank tank' or 'máquina' in Trinidad, Cuba.

  • Dancing on the city mainroad in Havana Vieja

    On the pedestrian zone of Havana Vieja masked street juggler encourage everybody to join group dancing.

  • A play-actress out of the theater stage

    On the pedestrian street Calle Obispo along the way to the Plaza de Armas.

  • Portrait of a Cuban transvestite

    Transvestite show in Havana Vieja Plaza de la Catedral. A new appearance in Cuba which was unthinkable a few years ago.

  • Domino game on the public place

    People play Domino game in front of the church Quinta de Amalia Simoni in Camagüey.

  • Manaca-Iznaga Tower

    A story of the construction of the tower is still much debated. According to one legend, the Iznaga brothers made a bet to see who would attain the more fame. Alejo built the 45-meter tower and Pedro constructed a well 28 meters deep. Another legend has i…

  • Roller skating in front of the city hall

    Young girls skate on the city plaza Parque Céspedes downtown Trinidad on Cuba.

  • Mangroves in the Alejandro de Humboldt National Park

    One part of the tour through the Alejandro de Humboldt National Park is a way in the mangroven forrest where many manatees swimming underwater in the jungle. The animals seldom come to the surface.

  • Idyllic restaurant along the country road

    The road between Baracoa and the most eastern point of Cuba Punta de Maisí is worth for a day excursion to enjoy the amazing views. This simple hut was our stopover for early dinner before sunset.

  • Streetlife in the Parque Independecia Baracoa

    Downtown Baracoa is the mainplace called Parque Independencia where public streetlife happen nearly around the clock. Just sitting on the bench and watching whats happen around we saw people having fierce discussions or traveling entertainer care for amus…

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