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  • Margarana National Monument

    On November 20, 1946, there was an all-out battle of the armed forces of the Republic of Indonesia against the Dutch colonialist at Kelaci Hamlet, Marga Village, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel I Gusti Ngurah Rai. The battle is better known as the…

  • Aunt Mayang and her niece Rita

    Ni Kadek Mayang Sari and her niece Ritadeliana as a double portrait photo shoot in the Margarana National Monument Park in Tabanan province.

  • Cemetery of Margarana

    The memorial stones of 1,372 men and women – Muslims, Hindus and Christians – who died on Bali fighting Netherlands forces lie in a cemetery here, including 11 Japanese soldiers who defected to the Indonesian side. Christian tombstones bear the cross, Mus…

  • Inside the Pura Pucak Paruman

    Prepared and decorated for the coming Galungan festival which will be hold on the 26th of December this year. Galungan is a Balinese holiday which celebrates the victory of dharma over adharma (the triumph of good over evil). It marks the time when ancest…

  • Rita in the flower field

    Ritadeliana likes posting this portrait photo from the flower sun garden in Tabanan province on Bali. I call her Rita or Ritong in its Balinese lovely belittlement.

  • Village temple in Marga district

    Over land along the highway seen this village temple called Pura Pucak Paruman in the village Dang Kahyangan Desa Adat Belayu.

  • Sacrificial altar at Pura Taman Beji Giriya

    Every Beji temple is sacred and it is believed that some of them are a burial ground, of course, because it has its own charm. Pura Taman Beji Griya is considered a place of peace and happiness. For the Hindu pilgrims, its very well suited to ask for merc…

  • Umbrella above the statues

    In and outside every temples, at the gate of private properties and often along the road can seen umbrellas which should protect something in symbolic way like here the statue of the Hindu god Ganesha against evil demons.

  • Pemangku woman enters the temple

    A Pemangku is the lower priest on Bali island who enters the temple area through the Kori Agung gate which is open for priest and the good demons only. Kori Agung, also known as Paduraksa is a type of gateway covered with towering roof that can be found o…

  • Villager women in Tempekan Sentaka

    Worshiper women in the temple Pura Malingkiuh. Group photo for the remembrance of the opening of a village temple in the housing estate in kesiman, a district of Denpasar. always ready for a photo shoot, even when visiting the temple.

  • Katu in Pura Tempekan Sentaka

    A small kid named Ni Made Katu in Kesiman during the inauguration of the Pura Malingkiuh temple in Tempekan Sentaka.

  • Pura Malingkiuh temple in Tempekan Sentaka

    The temple was new opened and an inauguration firmly was celebrated. Villagers came for the ceremony. Tempekan Sentaka is an housing development in Kesiman a district of Denpasar the capital of Bali and the temple is located on its complex.

  • Balinese home stay in Sembung

    My home when I stay on the Bali island. At this place I join in the daily activities as well as learn about traditional Balinese agricultural techniques and taste “Jamu” - the Balinese elixir of life. The rooms are used as bedrooms only, the daily life i…

  • Pedanda priest at Beji Griya temple

    At an unknown park in Mengwi province called Beji Griya near its marvellous waterfall I met an high priest inside the park complex posting for a photoshoot. He is assessed by many people to have far ahead approach, skilled in "translating" the philosophy…

  • Beji Griya waterfall

    A brandnew opened holy park with an amazing rushing waterfall named Taman Beji Griya. Some hidden places in Bali that were not so popular, are now starting to be known to the outside world, even a waterfall which is located adjacent to the city center in…

  • Beji Griya holy place

    Now many hidden places in Bali that were not so popular, are now starting to be known to the outside world, even a waterfall that is located adjacent to the city center in Badung Regency, has not been so popular, but with its natural beauty and unique tou…

  • Parade passing on the alley

    On the way to the holy park Beiji Griya we had the encounter of traditionell dressed women carrying their offerings for a nearby temple. Balinese devote most of their waking hours to an endless series of offerings, purifications, processions, dances, and…

  • Portrait of Gek Adii

    Adii is sitting beside me during posting this portrait photo after being blessed by the high pedanda priest in the village Sembung and its temple. She ist carring the holy Bija, blessed rice corns at the forehead and the upper breast.

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