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Dogwood Patch - A Garden

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Oh So Busy ...

Several different angles of the same Carpenter Bee .. Getting covered in Orange Cosmos pollen .. Acrobat of the Day .. 1 PiP In Dogwood Patch Garden-A Garden -- EXPLORE --


Cosmos ~ In Dogwood Patch - A Garden 1 PiP is the original tweaked/digital is Artsy for DickM aka Sir Richard of the Land of Lakes he always kids me about 'getting artsy --EXPLORE--

** Spring **

Top Left - Dogwood Next - Pink Dogwood One of the colors of Creeping Phlox Bottom - Pink Dogwood To the Left - Hyacinths Middle - Tall Bearded Iris Such a beautiful day -- Mockingbirds singing Momma and Poppa Finch warning me not to come any closer to the nest .. A day caught digitally and in my mind .. * PiP in Left corner of each photo * -- EXPLORE --

Spring colors ..

From left - Flowering Almond Center - Umbrella Daff Right - Lady V Mid right - Daff of Multi - petals Bottom right - Candytuft Center bottom - Lady Daff * 1 note - Upper Left * © All Rights Reserved -- EXPLORE --

Common Checkered-Skipper

-- on a False Sunflower © All Rights Reserved ..EXPLORE..

Old North State ..

North Carolina - changes in the sky - in the temperature - leaves start turning into colorful Fall Flowers - changes happen - in Nature and in ourselves © All Rights Reserved

.. a beauty

Eastern Tiger SwallowTail butterfly - More than just dinged or ragged - They are able to fly with so much wing area gone - Thank you for your beauty and grace - © All Rights Reserved --EXPLORE-- --1 PiP --

Winged Guests ~

One of the guests -- Eastern Tiger SwallowTail -- Dinged and missing one of those long tails -- Capable of flying with much more missing than this -- 5 PiP .... © All Rights Reserved --EXPLORE--

"Me and my shadow .."

Snowberry Clearwing Moth (Hemaris diffinis) First time have been able to capture clear-wing detail ! Yes, am on cloud 9 ! © All Rights Reserved -- EXPLORE --
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