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Dogwood Patch - A Garden

A small garden shaded by three Dogwood trees - white - pink - red. Many plants are volunteer and like it so much that it becomes 'home'. Yet, there are others (like the False Sunflowers - seeds traveled from Oklahoma and waited a year before blooming - had to make sure North Carolina clay was suitable) - Cosmos seeds gifted by the Gentleman who cares for the NotMyGarden, Down The Road .. oh, and…  (read more)

Great to see you !

Variegated Fritillary ( Euptoieta claudia ) - 1st of this year -2021- Usually land on a flower and stay put - Enjoying a feast - Not this one - This flutterby went from flower to flower - Sometimes landing - At times - not - Still did my usual 'butterfly hunt mode' - Don't follow them - All of them are faster than us - Observe the flowers they land on - Plant yourself nearby - They return - At times you can get bunches of shots from one butterfly & a flower - Without moving the camera much - My camera has the option of totally turning off any sounds - Though I know of cameras where it can only be turned down - Have always thought the designer of 'not turning off sound' - Didn't know the first thing about butterflies, wading birds, etc. - Shall we hold classes for them ? 3 PiP

The White Ash tree ..

- against a North Carolina sky - of light blue - with 'white puffy thingys' - called that by a friend across the pond - gradually green turns to Fall colors - except those that rain down to the Earth - a Wise Peaceful Soul - we talk daily 5 PiP

Changes ..

And all at once, summer collapsed into Fall. - Oscar Wilde

Both sides of Busy ...

Pollen gathering .. front back (PiP 1) sides not finished yet there is still more Cosmos are a great place for he who gathers and she who takes his photo.... 1 PiP

For Andy ..

Bracts of a White Dogwood .. the flowers are in the center - small green ones when open .. The flowering dogwood (Cornus florida) and its inflorescence are the state tree and the state flower respectively for the U.S. Commonwealth of Virginia. It is also the state tree of Missouri and the state flower of North Carolina, 1 PiP

For your pleasure ..

Multi-layered Daffodil .. Also called Rip Van Winkle .. Only a few.. Grouping of four .. Then ! The 2021 Parade Of Daffs .. 3 PiP Explore / Gallery

Stained Glass Wings ...

Few this year, but so enjoyable even when seen for the blink of an eye ! EXPLORE

Sunbrella ..

North Carolina style .. View from beneath Cosmo petals .. For all my Friends who Look Up ..

Oh So Busy ...

Several different angles of the same Carpenter Bee .. Getting covered in Orange Cosmos pollen .. Acrobat of the Day .. 1 PiP In Dogwood Patch Garden-A Garden -- EXPLORE --
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