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DPS-Digital Photography Challenge/Assignment

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The Art of Flying Skirts ..

needed a 'motion-blur' for the weekly assignment in Digital Photography School (DPS) - rehearsal of the Tin Can Gypzee, ATS bellydancers was perfect - one problem - which photo to choose! these gypsy skirts are about 35yards at the hem, so when they are swirled, a lot of colorful fabrics fly with the rhythms - taken at MariJahne's Monday class - Visitors Center at the Planteen, Plant City, FL Thank you Gypzees! © All rights reserved (unusual angle? As low as I could get on the floor and not have one of those skirts hit the lens!

Goose Zzzzz Zone ....

slowly closing their eyes .. or tucking their heads beneaf a wing .. this gaggle caught a few zzzs .. before heading on the Day Trip .. across the street to greener grass ... *cropped only © All rights reserved

In the jungle ..

[Archive Airings - AA20 - A worm's-eye view!] no, just down in the grass with my camera .. capturing him playing 5 drums .. go ahead... get down and look with me ! ^SOOC © All rights reserved

Assignment ..

Dutch Angle is the assignment .. for DPS .. Digital Photography School .. © All rights reserved

Fronds in B&W

Palm fronds .. B&W .. reaching .. spreading out .. lines, angles, textures © All rights reserved

Turned ... !

Rascal had been following me as we walked the yard, doing his Yard Supervisor duties .. at some point, he left ... walked to the front .. saw him out of the corner of my eye .. click ... what a capture for the memory file ! © All rights reserved

Homework ..

take a photo of your camera .. sounds easy enough .. ha ! took photos of camera in the mirror (several really) .. took photos of this SX20 with the A630 ... (which looked terrible) sometimes things aren't as simple as initially thought .. © All rights reserved

I really CaN !

still do homework.. take a photo of your camera .. okay .. when I looked at this one, though .. I could hear my Mom loud and clear .. "do you plan on cutting that hair anytime ?" are we ever not the adult 'child' in their loving eyes ? but, Mom.. it is cold .. the hair keeps my ears warm .. it will get trimmed.. when the weather warms up a bit .. promise .. love you, too ! © All rights reserved


Digital Photography School weekly challenge : Lines - Textures cropped in: © All Rights Reserved AA-310-TEXTURES ARCHIVE AIRINGS
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