Jet solo of a Black Diamond  -

DPS-Digital Photography Challenge/Assignment

Among Peggy C's albums

Dining out ..

.. in an open-air cafe' .. Jasmine bathed in sun & shadows .. have you found the diner, yet ? Rainbow Building - Green © All rights reserved dPS Weekly Assignment - Cool Colors Canon PowerShot SX20 IS Taken: 04 Nov 2011 Exposure: 1/400 Aperture: f/4.0 Focal length: 5mm ISO: 80 Flash: none

Do you ever get that feeling ..

- someone is watching ? - this was the 1st shot of Mr. Tux in the side yard - he didn't move a whisker - yet, those eyes were vigilant SOOC - signed only © All rights reserved

Waiting for the Doctor . .

a dying branch of the Camphor tree will be getting a 'house call' .. arborist to prescribe treatment .. -no enhancement -sized for dPS Diagnonal Lines © All rights reserved

from under ..

- a wooden bench -- The Alphabet Site --"u" - vanishing point - details © All rights reserved

2010 Dec 11 - TSO Winter Tour / A Rockin' Christmas

.. silhouettes of musicians against a multitude of colors .. spotlights, fireworks, lasers .. even neon .. it was all there for a magnificent Christmas Story followed by Night Castle .. Trans-Siberian Orchestra .. no, not a usual orchestra - they Rock ! © All rights reserved

Over there ..

that's the one ! .. time for jack 'o lantern picking © All rights reserved

Drying, drying ..

perched in a Camphor tree .. a noisy Anhinga dries his feathers .. like a Cormorant, these birds do not have oil to waterproof their feathers .. so, it is wing-drying time ! © All rights reserved ARCHIVE AIRINGS AA-301-CURVES

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.. hands

creating music - guitarist at Friends of Joe Concert .. there wasn't anything - he couldn't make that guitar do - ah - such music - ^ copy : .. edited in © All rights reserved ______________________________________________________________________________ Friends of Joe - founded in honor of the late Joe Prine, who brought live music to us, this group of souls celebrated their 5TH Anniversary on Sept. 11, 2010 - some said the group wouldn't last a year - but, true to what Joe Prine believed, they continue to bring quality music to our ears - either local grown or from another area - Kudos to a great group of souls - those who put it together seamlessly & those who bring awesome music to fill our souls - Thank you ! dPS/Digital Photography School / weekly Challenge -Hands

Dragonfly & Lily pads ...

even though the lake is murky, reflections of Lily pad/flower stems look fascinating.. perched on what was a flower, the dragon fly is in his own world ... *cropped for size *no enhancement © All rights reserved
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