Fire ..

The Show @ Sunset

.. Mother Nature puts her mark on the Day .. sometimes with bold colors .. at other times, she uses pastels .. most photos taken in North Carolina USA .. some in Florida USA .. perhaps a few in between (c) All Rights Reserved

colors of 'The Show' ..

- a sunset - of soft tones - or bright intense ones - it is Mother Nature's Exclamation point of the day! - no charge But - - we must remember to Look Up ! - enjoy as many sunsets as you can - for they are never the same Namaste, Peggy

pefect ending . .

- to an evening out for supper - good friends - good food - and then this sky - drive by of 'The Show' - somewhere near Snow Camp - North Carolina, USA (c) All Rights Reserved

The Show -

2013 Holmes Beach Anna Maria Island, FL USA cropped/watermark - The Show needs no help from me (c) All Rights Reserved

pastels overhead -

.. sunsets take many forms .. hot and spicy .. or soft like this .. all are a JoY ^cropped only (c) All Rights Reserved

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Gandy Beach ..

- sunset over the bay - intense - SOOC -- StraightOutOfCamera (c) All Rights Reserved

Jerry Lee Lewis Hot...

looking sun.. falling slowly below the clouds.. behind the trees.. such intensity.. (c) All Rights Reserved

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Look above...

Holmes Beach on Anna Maria Island, Florida has some of the most fantastic "Shows'" around sunset... Sit with a camera and snap away, because in a couple of seconds it will look different! Walk with your soul-mate enjoying each others company in a setting none of us could create... Sit in a beach chair.. gently letting the Gulf water wash over your toes... But of all things... enjoy! © All rights reserved

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Headlining at ..

Anna Maria Island Theatre .. " Daily Sunset" .. not all front row seats taken.. all seats are good.. no obstructions.. enjoy .. please, do not take for granted .. On taking time: This is just a part of the Daily OM, a newsletter received and welcomed ! They have an 'archives' section... one could go there and read forever... Much can be said about that which we, as humans, take for granted.. usually when we no longer have it or have use of it. Tends to put our lives in perspective.. what is and what isn't that important .. I could go on and on... but the link will give a broader idea of what I mean.. Thanks for reading my 'discourse' for the day ! From: The Daily OM, (29 April 2009) "As you take in your world, you might feel a moment of gratitude for theAll basic fact that, once again, the sun has risen to illuminate the abundant earth, and the earth’s gravitational field holds you and all that you hold dear in a tight, life-affirming embrace." ©All Rights Reserved

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Sitting ..

and waiting .. for another "Show-time Sunset".. Holmes Beach .. Anna Maria Island.. FL (Florida) Gulf of Mexico .. (c)All Rights Reserved
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