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The Show @ Sunset

.. Mother Nature puts her mark on the Day .. sometimes with bold colors .. at other times, she uses pastels .. most photos taken in North Carolina USA .. some in Florida USA .. perhaps a few in between (c) All Rights Reserved

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- evening along - Holmes Beach - Anna Maria Island, Florida US - sandy beach and Gulf of Mexico Sunsets are an exclamation point of the day .. courtesy of Mother Nature ! © All rights reserved - Archive Airings - AA236 -WEATHER


- on the Gulf of Mexico - Holmes Beach - Anna Maria Island - Florida - FL USA - The Show at Sunset © All rights reserved

2007 - An Exclamation Point !

Holmes Beach Anna Maria Island Florida Mother Nature puts her exclamation point on the day ! Yes, the sunsets do become that fiery ! Archive Airings AA-312-CHOICE

Inspiration - for Poetography Group

For me: Inspiration is an energy - an 'ah ha' moment. There are more kinds of inspirations than the days, weeks or years can hold - we all find our own .. unique to who we are .. what is inside us .. my inspiration won't be yours or yours or even yours. Unique like my fingerprints - it is only what I can see with any of my senses or with them all. But, I shall always keep my eyes open - always look up - always look down - I don't want to miss a moment ! Peggy C © All Rights Reserved ' The Show ' at Sunset - Holmes Beach, Anna Maria Island, Florida US - Taken: 25Aug2007 - Archives from Florida - © All rights reserved

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Flying high...

as the sun slides below the horizon. ... Holmes Beach Anna Maria Island FL .. cropping only .. © All rights reserved

Memories ..

Archive Airings - AA 251-DIGITAL MEMORIES Holmes Beach sunset on Anna Maria Island, Florida, USA - on the Gulf of Mexico - my first digital camera - Canon Powershot A80 - 4mp - When we went to the Gulf, both camera and hand drum went with me - Drummed the sun down - In-between taking these memories - Have hundreds of Anna Maria sunsets photos - All are good seats - My Dad called it "The Show" - © All rights reserved * 1 PiP *

Front row -

seat for 'The Show' .. sunsets at Anna Maria Island FL .. Holmes Beach ( USA ) .. are always magnificent .. if soft colors or a red hot sky .. a sight to see - to remember - always .. (c) All Rights Reserved - see keywords, please
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