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30 Apr 2021 14
Three years and one month later... (original pic, from when i first came out to see the house, in the notes) I gave the roses pretty drastic haircuts at the end of last summer; at one point, some of the longer branches were brushing the edge of the roof. And I've cut down the orange flowers too; it always seems to spring back up within days. But I didn't remember just how small they'd all been when I first came out to look at the house three years ago... O.o (the tree in the corner of the planter - Chasteberry/monk's pepper ( vitex agnus-castus ) - was what prompted me to look for the older pics; the one in the backyard is bigger and more tree-like, and I was starting to worry about this one being right up against the house, and wondered who thought it was a good idea to stick a big old tree there... The tiny shrub they planted three years ago makes more sense. :) trying to dig it up so I can transplant it in a better location...)
30 Apr 2021 5
Digging up trees is hard work, especially with feline assistance... :)
24 Apr 2021 5
Kind of designing it on the fly; the number I plugged into the "how many blocks will I need?" calculator was maybe 1/3 of the actual length of the border. I probably ought to measure the remaining length of the top row, and then mark out and measure the border on the next tier down; but more likely I'll just guess again... ;)
24 Apr 2021 4
The Great Garden-Terracing project has begun! :D Just doing the top tier for now; maybe the next one down.
27 Mar 2021 1 1 12
Ghost, after Sophie was at school all morning. <3

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