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  • There were many reasons to remove the pet door on my new house: i don't currently have any pets, and when I *have* had pets they've always been indoor creatures; it was old, and not especially secure, and half falling apart; i want to eventually build a…

  • Play-testing my new kitchen. :D (between the unfamiliar space, unfamiliar stove, new cookware, and trying to cook and take pics at the same time, my timing was a bit off; but it had a muchness of yum, and my house now smells like buttery garlicky mushro…

  • It's beginning to look a lot like a kitchen!~ Day 2 in my new house; prepping a late dinner, as I test out the new stove and some new cookware. :)

  • Day 2 in my new house, and it's beginning to look a lot like a kitchen....~ Packing for my first trip out to my new house was tricky; I knew I wanted to stick with the essentials, but what *were* the essentials? Ultimately, I ended up with one suitca…

  • I have trees! :D There are several of these lovely trees dripping with purple flowers at the back of the house; anyone know what they are?

  • Plans for my new studio. :D (now, i just need to decide on colors and flooring...)

  • house-color-test-3

    virtual-painting my new house.... :D

  • house-color-test-2

    virtual-painting my new house.... :D

  • house-color-test-1

    virtual-painting my new house.... :D (think i'm liking this best so far...)

  • nsfw

    A couple of lorikeets were having a, um, private moment, when their buddy came along to watch... :D

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