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  • breakfast of champions :)

  • More roses... I can't take credit for anything in my garden, I've done absolutely nothing to it except observe and occaisionally photograph things. ;)

  • All my desert willows are flowering~ (this one is right outside my bedroom window :) )

  • It's been really windy the last few days, and several of the small burrow entrances down-wind of the yucca with the HUGE spike of flowers exploding up out of it were completely filled in with petal-drifts. :)

  • Indigo bush. I fell in love with these on a visit to Joshua Tree NP last spring; today I found one in my front garden. :D

  • Indigo bush. :)

  • I have done absolutely nothing to these roses; and while it *has* rained a handful of times over the last couple of months, this *is* still a (hot, dry) desert. And yet here they are, all lush and flowery and smelling like roses... :) (as lovely - and…

  • Paint color test time! :)

  • my house, more or less. :D

  • The latest round of teapots, and a jar. :)

  • The de-beige-ification of my new house begins. :) First up, the laundry cupboard: "hematite" walls/doors, with "lunar surface" accents (still white, here). And I've been staring at this photo, trying to sort out the colors for the rest of the room; th…

  • Paulie (the Patio Pigeon) and I have been having an on-going territorial dispute all week... And at first I thought I was just being paranoid, but he is *totally* watching me through the window: earlier, when I tried to photograph him in his nest from ins…

  • Morning tea. Definitely feeling sloth-like today... :)

  • ...it's not pretty (yet), but it's also not a spider-filled broken pet door... :D (more project pics in notes; still need to apply the stucco to the outside, but first i need to get the appropriate tools... *oops* )

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