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  • Antelope Valley poppy fields.
    By dsglass

  • Keep On Tryin'

    The temperatures are still pretty cold here but the trees keep on tryin' to leaf out. Spring should be here any time now. :) For Sight and Sound: Poco from their "Head Over Heels" album (1975) Timothy B. Schmit (of the Eagles) wrote this song and sing…

  • Sun starting to set behind the (mountains behind the) poppy fields in Antelope Valley.

  • Escondido Falls - lower waterfall. There was a lot of rain this year, and the waterfall was nice and full. The trail from the lower to the upper falls is steep, rocky, slippery, and not in the best condition after the wildfires last fall and an extremel…
    By dsglass

  • At the start of the trail to Escondido Falls (after the mile+ walk (mostly uphill) along the appropriately named "Winding Way" from the car). [hit 'z' for even more wildflowers]

  • Sophie's new favorite toy is actually meant for horses... :)
    By dsglass

  • Sophie was being patient while I ran around pointing my camera at things that weren't her; but eventually I got the glare of "it's time to go to the dog park, why are we still here?" [hit 'z' for the full effect of those eyes...]
    By dsglass

  • First one hatched! Welcome to the world, baby mourning dove! :)

  • Chief Navigator Sophie, ready for action! :)
    By dsglass

  • When I decided to do some shopping on the way home from the cafe with Sophie, I wasn't exactly planning to come home with a tree and a cactus and a bunch of other plants... But somehow I managed to get everyone home in one piece. :D
    By dsglass

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