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  • Das vierblättrige Kleeblatt

    Unsere Katzen auf einen Blick - oben links: Kari; oben rechts: Miro; unten links: Gina; unten rechts: Kiki

  • Verezzi by night

    Do not use my images on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit written permission. All rights reserved - Copyright © Nora Caracci

  • Hanging out in Davis Square, watching all the cars and people and dogs go by...
    By dsglass

  • Bath Time

    When you know you have had a bath, but your best friend insists you need another one because they think you missed a few spots!

  • curious

    By Zulma

  • Sleepy Little Zoe 051618

    This is our precious "little girl" Zoe. She is the sweetest little thing!!! Thank you all for visiting and for your gracious and appreciated comments! I wish I could thank each of you personally. Have a great creative day! Please do not use my photog…

  • sleeping beauty

  • Kitchen dog

    Our wonderful, lovely pug Baron.... top performance of my new Sony-Zeiss system. Perfect in combination with my Nikon D750.

  • L'affaire est dans le sac

    Illustration d'expression Entrée interdite aux chiens et aux photographes (en short) dans cette église, alors on a discuté dehors !!!

  • Cambrdige pets

  • Cambridge pets

  • Five go to Wales

    Corgis on holiday in Wales - Land of their fathers;-)

  • ***

    It is the most recognizable tree in Poland. A relict pine on the top of Sokolica in Pieniny Mountains. It is 500 years old but it is very small and grows so slowly that the growth is barely noticeable even in 50 years span. That is how I will remember it…

  • in the flow

  • a quiet morning

  • first light

  • Santorini : Oia un intrigo di case e scale - (989)

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