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Santa Clara SF 49ers stadium (1111)

Santa Clara SF 49ers stadium  (1111)
Levis Stadium, in Santa Clara, future home of the San Francisco 49ers (even though it is 40 miles south of San Francisco.)

My favorite was Enron Field, where the Astros played. I don't care for the corporate naming scheme, but I often like the way communities contort the names or just ignore it. The White Sox, for instance, play in U.S. Cellular Field, but everybody calls it the Cell. Cincinnati plays at Great American Ballpark, named for an insurance company, but a lot of people call it Riverfront.

Are the 49ers still going to call themselves the San Francisco 49ers?
4 years ago.
Don Barrett (aka DBs… has replied to Clint
Don't know the answer on that last part, but I suspect they'll still be the SF 49ers. The Angels call themselves the LA Angels...of Anaheim. Yes, Anaheim is part of the greater LA area, but it isn't part of the city of LA. Similarly, Santa Clara is part of the SF Bay Area, but it isn't SF. Besides, it seems obnoxious to not honor the city that is your new hometown (even though none of your team members or managers are likely to live there.)
4 years ago.