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  • far Værøy

    and more dramatically from Gudrun:

  • boats and red houses

    in Bodø - Norway

  • marble salad

    nicht überaus einfallsreich ;-)

  • blue Honningsvåg

    Honningsvåg harbour - Northern Norway vertical pano of 2 images

  • lost towers

    abandoned fish factory near Honningsvåg, see PiP for detail!

  • midnight sun

    midnight sun and Nordkapp cliff, seen through Kirkeporten

  • Nordkapp

    Nordkapp cliffs to the left, view from Kirkeporten over Vesfjorden at midnight

  • long light rocky coast

    midnight at Kirkeporten / Vesfjorden

  • midnight rockland

    a rocky show at Kirkeporten

  • folding wanderers

    midnight at a nice geological formation near Skarsvåg...

  • midnight at Storvatnet lake

    Lake Storvatnet near Nordkapp just before midnight and the road Fv171 to Skarsvåg.

  • 2 happy clouds over Skarsvåg

  • what will they do to us

    'funny' clouds over Skarsvåg - northern Norway

  • here ends the northern route

    maybe, maybe not, but anyway, this café is seriously cult ;-)) Skarsvåg

  • nordic red

    Skarsvåg - Vinterhus

  • Skarsvåg

    Skarsvåg is a village in Nordkapp Municipality in Finnmark county, Norway. The village lies along the northern coast of the island of Magerøya, and it claims the distinction of being the world's northernmost fishing village. The local fishing fleet primar…

  • Ninjas exit only

    lost laundry in the basement of the abandoned boarding school Sarnes - Norway

  • sunny outside

    the boarding school of Sarnes - Norway

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