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  • evening bridges

    Sheppey Crossing (opened 2006, carries the A249 road, no horses allowed) and the older Kingsferry bridge (a 1959 built vertical-lift bridge, horses allowed, carries also the railroad) in a warm evening light. Both bridges are crossing "the Swale", a strai…

  • Sheppey Crossing

  • Iron Wharf Faversham

    The "Oyster Bay House" at Faversham Creek, a warehouse built about 1843 - Kent

  • Iron Wharf Faversham

    The "Oyster Bay House" at Faversham Creek - Kent The old lettering means "United Fertiliser Co Ltd"....

  • evening light bricks

    just a little house in the evening light of Kent

  • Greta's Belly - PiPs!

    it's surprisingly spacious under deck on sailing barge Greta - see PiP's

  • relaxing

    Quite a good time to relax on board of Greta, sailing back from the Red Sand Forts to Whitstable!

  • rigging

    Sailing barge Greta

  • Greta

    sailing back to Whitstable, in the far background to the right a last view of the Red Sand Forts

  • seagull queen on her throne

    see PiPs! - if you want to see some crazy guys diving from this tiny "platform" watch this youtube video:

  • rusty monuments

  • cormorant apartments

  • last bridge

    the last bridge remains, which exists between two towers, only for some crazy people (see link to 09/seaf16.jpg

  • rope bridge for brave ones

  • better don't climb

    some more detailed shots from waterworld ("Red Sand Forts") Thames estuaries - Nort Sea see PiP!

  • Red Sand Forts

    There are seven towers in the Red Sands group, at the mouth of the Thames Estuary. These towers were previously connected by metal grate walk-ways. In 1959 consideration was given to refloating the Red Sands Fort and bringing the towers ashore, but the co…

  • occupants

  • towers in the sea

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