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  • Smeaton's Tower - lantern view

    see PiP for candle holder!

  • down from the lantern - HFF!

    Smeaton's Tower - Plymouth Not really fency this image, but anyway, HFF and a great weekend ahead, my friends!

  • the narrow spiral way

    Smeaton's Tower - Plymouth

  • Smeaton's Tower

    Smeaton's Tower is a memorial to celebrated civil engineer John Smeaton, designer of the third and most notable Eddystone Lighthouse. A major step forward in lighthouse design, Smeaton's structure was in use from 1759 to 1877. Read more about the interest…

  • The Duke Of Cornwall Hotel

    Built in Victorian Gothic style, it opened in 1865 to cater for the increasing number of travellers who were coming to the region of Plymouth by rail and sea. The hotel survived the World War II Plymouth Blitz without damage.…

  • abyssal zone

  • Royal Williams Yard


  • heavy doors

    Royal Williams Yard - Plymouth

  • swing bridge

    Royal Williams Yard - Plymouth

  • living room

    The incredible living room in the "Brewhouse Royal William Yard-Appartments" with total 170 m². There were 2 sleeping rooms, another living room, 2 1/2 bathrooms, a large kitchen. Suitable for max. 6 people. Considering all the features it's extremely att…

  • Plymouth - Royal William Yard

    The "Brewhouse Royal William Yard" was for sure one of the best accomodations, I ever experienced. The big window right of the old chimney was our appartment's window over 2 floors. Too expensive for a longer stay, but for one or two nights a must be to s…

  • Portland Breakwater

    Fort at the East Ship Channel Entrace to Portland harbour - see PiP Situated across Portland Harbour's four breakwater arms are various defensive structures and related monuments. At the Breakwater Fort is a World War II 29 millimetre spigot mortar empl…

  • Portland Breakwater Lighthouse

    On the northeast breakwater, at the southern end, directly opposite the fort, is the Portland Breakwater Lighthouse. The site was also the location of a coastal battery, known as A Pier Head Battery, which opened in 1901.

  • Portland Harbour

    View from HM Prison "The Verne" - see PiP's (prison entrance and old buildings).

  • Portland Harbour and Breakwater

    Seen from prison "The Verne". In the foreground you see the Royal Naval Cemetery.

  • Portland Bill Low

    The Old Lower Lighthouse is a disused 19th-century lighthouse on the Isle of Portland, Dorset. It has subsequently been rebuilt twice, once in 1789 and again in 1869. The old lighthouse seen today was built in 1869 and has been the home of the Portland B…

  • Portland Bill Lighthouse - rocky

  • Portland Bill - Trinity House Obelisk

    The obelisk was built in 1844 to warn ships off the coast of Portland Bill. It stands at the southern tip of the Isle of Portland, acting as a warning of the low shelf of rock extending 30 metres south into the sea. The obelisk is made of Portland stone a…

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