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  • Maisí - mural

    in the village of La Maquiná - eastern Cuba

  • La Maquiná - Plaza de la Revolución

    This square in the village of La Maquiná can only be called Plaza de la Revolucion ;-) Again the typical signs for Maisí are displayed, the lighthouse and the amphore, in addition an interesting mural with two white doves, holding the flag of Cuba.

  • a basketball court and a skyscraper

    La Asunción, a peaceful little village south of La Maquita......and a sort of skyscraper beside a basketball court as "Área de recreación".

  • palms, bananas and mountains the far east of Cuba.


    This nice welcome sign marks the begin of the most eastern municipiality of Cuba, which is called "Maisí". You can see 3 typical marks for Maisí: An amphora as sign for the indigenous Taíno people, "Polymita brocheri cuestana", a protected colourful ende…

  • the southeast

    It's very lonesome on the coast road along the Carribean Sea to the most eastern tip of Cuba, Punta Maisi - Province of Guantanamo.

  • sugar mill - Jorge Prieto

    Not much left of the sugar mill no. 634 of Cuba, named "Jorge Prieto" or "Santa Cecilia", southeast of Guantanamo, in the remote village San Carlos. But the old rusty water tower with its spiral stair is still impresssive.

  • Presidents

    The last three heads of the State of Cuba: Fidel Castro (Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz) was Prime Minister from 18 July 1959 to 2 December 1976 and President of the Council of State from 2 December 1976 to 24 February 2008. He is born on13 August 1926 and d…

  • Guantanamo - HFF!

    Don't trust guidebooks! The town Guantanamo (don't confuse it with the prison "Guantanamo Bay" 25 km south) is often described as not worth to stay or to see, tourists would only travel through and even the locals would look not very happy. To the contrar…

  • Guantanamo - abandoned market

    "Plaza del Mercado", a property erected in 1921 under the aegis of the famous architect José Lecticio Salcines, now under repair. The car in the 1st PiP is a Moskvitch (АЗЛК or Москвич) from the 1980s.

  • Guantanamo Girl

    Guantanamo - it's a quiet and unexcitedly city.

  • Guantanamo - ornaments

  • Guantanamo - Catedral de Santa Catalina de Ricci

    A quiet place in front of the catholic cathedral of Guantanamo. The floor is marble!

  • Guantanamo - Cine America

    Art Decó in Guantanamo

  • Estación Guantanamo

    Of course the town of Guantanamo is Cuban - as Guanatnamo Bay should be!

  • Estación Guantanamo

    Diesel-electric locomotive EMD-8, built 1954-1965 by "General Motors Diesel" 66.2 long tons, 8 Cyl., power 875 bhp

  • Songo la Maya

    Besides the revolutionary billboards almost every district or province has its "welcome sign". I like to see how they are made lovingly.

  • Liberación de Songo la Maya

    Such revolutionary billboards are indispensable for Cuba. This one in eastern Cuba is about the 60th anniversary of the liberation of "Songo la Maya". Unfortunately the old hand painted billboards are more and more replaced by photographs over the last ye…

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