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  • 7 - in rust we trust

    a short visit to the 'balcony'

  • 6 - vista in sight

    just jump over the batteries, but be aware, sun is fully shining and they are just loading by solar power......and don't jump too faaaaar.....

  • 5 - don't look back

  • 4 - follow me to the top

  • 3 - no risk no fun

    it was a strange feeling there, alone in this remote abandoned lighthouse........

  • 2 - lighthousekeeper's table

    you have to bring your own chair!

  • 1 - come into the lighthouse

    it was quite an adventure to explore this lost place! you're invited!

  • Cape Apolytaras

    The difficult to access abandoned lighthouse on Cape Apolytaras, built 1926.

  • Cape Apolytaras

    On the southernmost point of Antikythera is the Lighthouse of Cape Apolytaras. It was built in 1926, and can be reached only by ship or on a footpath (which is actually rather a very difficult to find goat trail). The lighthouse was manned by lighthouse-k…

  • Cape Apolytaras

    The remote and abandoned lighthouse at the southernmost point of Antikythera.

  • Antikythera - cliffs

    deep down view at the south western coast of Antikythera, on the way to the lighthouse on Cape Apolytaras, you can hike there a whole day and meet not one human being....

  • leaving safe port

  • leaving safe port

    ferry leaving the safe port of Potamos on the remote island Antikythera. Read about the Antiykythera mechanism on ism or in german tikythera The island has about 60 resident…

  • setting sail

  • Gramvousa

    north-western peninsula of Crete

  • wave peaks

  • not yet

    dawn in Kissamos

  • morning ferry

    Departung from port of Kissamos on 'F/Β Vitsentzos Kornaros' to the remote island Antikythera, morning light above the far Lefka Ori (the 'White Mountains') - Crete

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