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  • R.E.D.

    RED Volvo = Retired Extremely Dangerous I think it's a Volvo PV445DH Duett, built in the 50s!

  • red Volvo

  • red Volvo

  • stone beach

    Porsangerfjorden - Northern Norway

  • Rypeklubben

    peninsula Rypeklubben near Hammerfest

  • rusty & blue

    old rusty anchor near Hammerfest

  • Kvalsundbrua

    70°30'46.20" North

  • in rust we trust

  • iron ore transport locomotive no. 27 - 1931

  • iron ore transport locomotive no. 27 - 1931

  • red diesel in the green

  • reverse gear

    unfortunately some elections are not comparable to a gearstick, if you can only select between 'reverse' and 'reverse'......then don't wonder, if the the result is 'reverse'.


  • red boxes

    iron ore harbour Narvik of LKAB....

  • Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara Aktiebolag

    LKAB is a Swedish mining company, the mines are at Kiruna and at Malmberget in northern Sweden. The company was established in 1890, and has been 100% state-owned since the 1950s. The iron ore is processed to pellets and sinter fines, which are transporte…

  • iron ore

    port of Narvik

  • heavy load

    Cargo vessel 'Berge Atlantic' loading iron ore in Narvik - see PiP in image before. built 1998 length x width = 292 x 48 m load draft 17.1 m deadweight tonnage 172.704 tons

  • Narvik

    The world's largest iron ore harbour is located to the right. The iron ore is brought by train from the mines in Kiruna, Sweden. - better view in large! See 3 PiP's for iron ore vessel and industrial port.....

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