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  • Nordkapp so high - 71° 10′ 21″ North

    This 307 m high cliff is commonly referred to as the northernmost point of Europe, however this is not accurate. The true northernmost point of the European mainland is Cape Nordkinn (Kinnarodden), at 71° 08′ 02″ N, located about 20 kilometres (12 mi) fro…

  • North Cape - Nordkapp

  • DSC04730 x1p

  • 00:32 - at the sea

    Vesfjorden near Kirkeporten / Skarsvåg

  • rockland at the golden sea

  • Kirkeporten

    see PiP for a closer view

  • long light Kirkeporten

  • waiting for the sun

    see PiP - a photographer waiting for the midnight sun

  • the midnight photographer

    About midnight the sun appears exactly beside the Nordkapp spike and standing on the right place you can look at it through the Kirkeporten rock window. My daughter preferred the top position. And yes, the lense was dirty (f/16) ;-).......see PiP for view…

  • indoor sun

    the midnight sun appearing behind the Nordkapp spike (and behind my daughter pointing to it)........

  • the ideal viewpoint

    the sunspot through the window of the Kirkeporten rock arch

  • Nordkapp spike

    ......and midnight sun, seen from Kirkeporten

  • mineranimal ;-)

  • northern walk

    a geological survey with view to the Nordkapp just before midnight.....please on black! for more geology see PiP!

  • folding

  • Kirkeporten midnight

    please only on black!

  • after midnight mood

    Kirkeporten near the Nordkapp, 71°6'49.67" North

  • you can call me lake

    reminds me of the famous Stones logo ;-)

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