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  • green peak

    the mountain 'Store Russetinden' on the southern end of Balsfjord

  • boats and islands

  • man with topper

  • Turisthytta

    Turisthytta is a semi-abandoned, but still operating restaurant on the hill Rønvikfjell near Bodø, at least the view is great ;-).

  • one of these rainy days

  • Bodø evening colors

  • rowing in liquid gold

    Bodø - Northern Norway

  • desire

    island Landegode - Norway

  • there was a fence

    1 day late - HFF....;-)

  • hold for the moment

    Enns river valley - Styria

  • Berge Atlantic

    Berge Atlantic loading iron ore in the port of Narvik

  • dancing at the beach

    Porvenir - Tierra del Fuego

  • meadows for you and me

    better on black - what else

  • handbrake

    You 've been acting strange play play as getting it down and that's the way you make me feel all the time i had this dream last night being driving round in my car the handbrake pulled out aaaa i i 've been driving round all night the handbrake oh! it di…

  • There ain't no midnight train

    I was standin' at the station, ten to midnight in the rain I was mindin' my own bus'ness, waiting for that midnight train Nobody in sight, starin' at my shoes, I took out my paper to find me some good news Mindin' my own bus'ness, when the ticket man cal…

  • looking into a bright future

    What? This is the sun at the horizon, not 'a bright future', man! But it's bright and it's our future. No man, it's burning down and then - game over. OK, but not for us and our children. But for the children.......of our children. Everything has an e…

  • 4-Wheel Drive.....

    Happy New Year! You wish me a happy new year? Do you think it's better than the ending? Look at me!! Instead of shooting on me with your camera make my wheels turn around again! It's not your business? Then go to hell, ok there is none, then at least - g…

  • radio spider

    Turn the radio on, little spider! What station, master? Well....'Word of God 24/7', preferential. Master, there is a little problem. This is a special radio. It's receiving only the 2 stations 'rationality' and 'love'. Ok then. What you like. Master,…

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