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  • Art Déco in La Habana

    Okey, actually the phones are not Art Déco, but the building's front behind is. Again this is Edificio López Serrano, the entrance side. If you're interested, read this: native-to-recover-the-lopez-serrano-buil d…

  • Edificio López Serrano

    Another view from the street to top of Edificio López Serrano, the little sister of Empire State Building in New York ;-)

  • Edificio López Serrano

    One of the most beautiful and intersting Art Deco buildings in Havana (and you can find many) is the Edificio López Serrano (1932, more details later). 'Normal' people live there, unfortunately it looks semi abandoned, if you look closer, but it's still v…

  • Habana Libre

    Looking from Edificio FOCSA to the south you see the old hotel 'Habana Libre' (former 'Hilton', built 1958), details later!

  • La Torre

    On top of 'Edificio FOCSA', don't miss to visit restaurant 'La Torre' on the 35th floor. The views are amazing, the Moqitos are cool, the green window glass is thick enough ;-).

  • The FOCSA Building

    The FOCSA Building (built in 1956 and named after the contracting company, Fomento de Obras y Construcciones, Sociedad Anónima) is, at 121 metres high, the tallest building in Cuba, located in Vedado - Havana. At completion in 1956 it was considered a nat…

  • morning backyard

    It's still cool outside on this backyard terrace. Water pump motor is running. Bakery is busy working, if you look down through the abandoned rusty ventilatior, you see and smell fresh rolls and sweets prepared for hungry cuban families...and tourists. Ba…

  • evening cobbles

    An evening light in Calle Cuarteles - Museo de la Revolución in the background

  • Venecia in Havana

  • Coca-Cola-Castro

    Luckily up to now there are neither Coca Cola-ads seen in the streets of Havana, nor any other big ads or billboards. One of the significant and pleasing differences to our consumer world.

  • the bell of stock exchange

    actually this is the view from the clock tower of (former) chruch St. Francisco to the (former) stock exchange building in La Habana.

  • Plaza star

    View from clocktower of San Francisco.

  • Havana Club - pink

    Museo del ron in La Habana....and - probably - a pink 1952 Pontiac Chieftain ;-)

  • Plaza Catedral

    Late at night tourists are almost gone, La Habana - Cuba

  • La Habana - Mural

    This approx 300m² mosaic mural on Mercaderes Street made up of 52 panels that depict 67 outstanding figures in the history and the arts in Cuba. The artist of the mural, Andrés Carrillo, used a novel material in Cuba that includes natural rock soaked in a…

  • fun on th street

    La Habana - Cuba

  • Police Headquartes

    Comandanzia General Policia Nacional Revolucionaria, situated in what appears to be a Spanish fort but constructed in that style in the mid-20th century in La Habana - Cuba The first builing at this site, a cannon foundry, was constructed in 1588. This f…

  • 1181 Central Sta. Lucia

    You find some old steam locomotives, which worked at sugar mills in the past, now displayed at San Jose in La Habana. No. 1181 was built by Baldwin 1883 (100 H.P.) and worked 111 years (!!) at sugar mills Santa Lucia and Gregorio Manalich.

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