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  • read me

    patterns on a door - see PiP

  • better use a smaller Xmas tree

    Allen Noch-, Weiterhin- und Ex-Iperianern erholsame, friedvolle Feiertage, ob allein oder mit Familie, lasst es euch gut gehen! Ein Jahr 2017 mit vielen schönen und interessanten Motiven und noch wichtiger, mit vielen Glücksmomenten. Freu mich auf den Aus…

  • the opposite window

    there's a story behind, but what story.....

  • blue world

    ...and a ice monster to the right ;-)

  • Cerro Paine Grande

  • behind

  • rock and ice

    Glaciar Grey

  • light and shadow

    view from Lago Grey - Torres del Paine

  • outlook

  • 11/50: if I would be the ruler of the globe - edit: this would have not been the end

    this would be a bright day for all beings on earth.......(especially for green hippos of course). Sabu for president of the planet - let me serve you!!! free education for all (also for hippos) free medicine for all (reminds me of Cuba if I proceed in th…

  • the globe and the cloud

    Nordkapp globe

  • North Cape solitude ;-)

    compared to this armada of campers there were really not much people on the way ;-)

  • don't go further!

    View from Nordkapp to the east, to Knivskjelodden in the backgorund, which is a little bit more north than the North Cape, but who cares. Enjoy the view!

  • 10/50: Sabu met his target, or....?

    Sabu looking at the peninsula Knivskjelodden east of Nordkapp: "If you wouldn't have told me, that Knivskjelodden is more northern than here, I would be happy. So I missed the mark.........No.....just a joke, I'm really happy to reach the Nordkapp finally…

  • Nordkapp so high - 71° 10′ 21″ North

    This 307 m high cliff is commonly referred to as the northernmost point of Europe, however this is not accurate. The true northernmost point of the European mainland is Cape Nordkinn (Kinnarodden), at 71° 08′ 02″ N, located about 20 kilometres (12 mi) fro…

  • North Cape - Nordkapp

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