Posted on 06/17/2017

Photo taken on June 15, 2017

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Ba'al Game

Ba'al Game
slave! I'm ready to view my new pleasure palace!
yes, lord. here it is.
ah! at last!
the artisans mixed ridiculous Burmese, Chinese, Indian and Persian motifs, hoping at least some of them would satisfy your endless lust for overstatement.
I know that! you think I don't know that?!
and when the result was insufficiently insane, they ingested massive doses of LSD to increase the overall intensity.
far out!
your obvious concern for their health is laudable, o callous one. they suffered mild brain damage, only. permanent, but mild.
definitely worth it, wouldn't you say? now summon my valet, I must dress for the occasion.
which hair piece tonight, lord?
the blond one, of course!
you've taken a fancy to it, haven't you?
it takes years off, don't you think?
one hardly notices your paunch, lord.
my what?
your heroic figure, sire.
it is heroic, isn't it.
definitely, o delusional one.

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