Kinosaki Manhole Cover

Japanese Manhole Covers

When walking around, seeing the sights, sometimes it's worthwhile to look down.

Matsuyama manhole

Alas my camera died and this is one of the last pictures I took with it. But all is not lost, there was a camera store on the corner and I bought a new one. Alas the operating manual is in Japanese. But all is not lost, I figured I could go on line and download an English O&M manual. Alas, they don't sell this model camera outside of Japan. But all is not lost, I found another model's O&M manual that has similar features and controls. So! after 45 minutes of teaching my new camera to speak English, I'm back in business! Oh yea, the manhole cover; I'd tell you more about it but I've run out of space here. -grin-

another Kobe manhole

Just another pic of a gate to the nether realm

Ikazaki manhole

Manhole cover Ozu

I showed, earlier, the manhole cover from Ise. So! Here are 3 more from other parts of Japan. Ozu is is small town near (50-70 kilometers) Matsuyama. The reason for the birds: They still fish with cormorants, -use birds to catch the fish in the river for them, there. The oldest part of town hasn't changed too much since the 1500s.

Osaka Manhole cover

The manhole covers often reflect what the folks think is special about their town. In Osaka, Osaka castle is high on the list.

manhole cover Senroika

Senroika is about half way between Kyoto and Osaka. They're especially proud of 'Expo 70', and the center piece in this manhole cover depicts a statue, a monument, of the sun in this, the land of the rising sun. Said statue is the first thing you see upon entering the expo70 grounds.

Ise City Manhole cover

During the Edo era, and still today, Many go to Isa to visit the Jingu, Shinto shrines that many consider to be the spiritual home of the Japanese people. I understand more than six million pilgrims come every year.

Expo '70

Another Japanese manhole cover, this one is near Osaka and commemorates Expo '70.

Kobe underground

Not only otta one slow down and take time to smell the roses, one ought to stop and look at the manhole covers as well! This one is set in a street in Kobe, Japan
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