Kinosaki Manhole Cover

Japanese Manhole Covers

When walking around, seeing the sights, sometimes it's worthwhile to look down.

Sakura in Senrioka

Now I'm in Senrioka, about half way between Osaka and Kyoto. The evening rain leaves the manhole cover damp enough that the sakura, cherry blossom petals, stick to it while they blow away from the pavement surrounding it.

fire hydrant below

Valve below

OK, it's not a manhole cover, but even the Japanese valve box covers are neat!

Matsuyama manhole cover

I've posted another pic of a Matsuyama manhole cover before, but I still like them.

Imabari Manhole

I hope to get a better shot of Imabari's manhole lids the next time I'm in the neighborhood.

Toon Town Manhole

Actually it's Toon City ( pronounced Tone City) But the first time I saw it I thought of the movie,' Who Killed Roger Rabbit' & it's been Toon Town for me ever since.

Imabari Manhole cover

Kobe lid

'nother Japanese manhole cover.

Kobe storm drain

Even the storm drains are interesting!
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