CD 810 Class Railbus On Zelecnicni Most, Prague, CZ, 2007

Old Flickr Rail Photos

These are basically the rail photos from my old Rail Photos Set on Flickr. When I found the Greasemonkey script for migration I started immediately, although it could be awhile before everything is moved here, if ever. (Under co

ex-CSD #498.022 Passing Krivoklat, Bohemia (CZ), 2…

01 Sep 2007 282
Here's our train back to Prague, although in reality it's passing through Krivoklat on the way to pick up our train. In the end the train was closer to 42 cars, rather than 3!! That's a record for my train travels, actually. The locomotive, ex-CSD 498.022 is a Ceskoslovenske Drahy Class 498 4-8-2, the same class as 498.106, "Albatros," which set a Czech speed record for steam locomotives at 162Km/h in 1964.

Long Excursion Train At Krivoklat, Bohemia (CZ), 2…

01 Sep 2007 220
This shot gives an impression of the immense size of our train. You actually can't see it all here, as three cars are behind me, and many more are hidden around the curve up ahead. All that you can see of 498.022 is the water vapor plume.

Long Train At Krivoklat, Picture 2, Krivoklat, Boh…

01 Sep 2007 174
Here's the rear end of our train, looking around the curve and into the tunnel in the opposite direction, even further away from Prague than Krivoklat. :-)

CSD Coal Stove, Krivoklat, Bohemia (CZ), 2007

01 Sep 2007 256
Ceskoslovenske Drahy used coal stoves for heating trains until surprisingly late in their history, and this particular passenger car wasn't built until the early 1940s, although it looks 100 years older because of all the wooden construction, and if you could see the outside, it's 4-wheel undercarriage, devoid of modern trucks or bogies. Rolling stock like this could be seen in Czech movies as late as the 1980s, although I don't know the precise year that they were pulled from regular service.

ex-CSD #498.022 At Beroun, Bohemia (CZ), 2007

01 Sep 2007 255
Here's another shot that I took of 498.022 in Beroun, on the way back to Prague. Trains from Krivoklat to Prague have to be turned here, as the track layout forms a wye, so here 498.022 was being turned.

Tatra T3 Tram, Olomouc, Moravia (CZ), 2006

01 Sep 2007 234
I unfortunately I didn't get the number of this tram, but it works for the transit agency of the city of Olomouc, Moravia, in the Czech Republic, and it's a Tatra T3, I know that much. The building to the right of it is the city museum of Olomouc.

T6A5 And T3 Trams Meet On Palackeho Most, Prague,…

01 Sep 2007 251
I saw this coming, and took the shot. The trams blurred somewhat, though, so I'm not 100% certain of all the numbers.

T3 Pan Shot, Namesti Bratri Synku, Prague, CZ, 200…

01 Sep 2007 262
This is a so-so pan shot that I took of a T3 in Namesti Bratri Synku. It's not perfect, of course, since the tram itself blurred slightly, and I got a bad light leak down the middle, but it's a Lomo so I figured I'd post it to Flickr to see what people think. :-)

T3 On Palackeho Most With Hradcany In Background,…

01 Sep 2007 318
This one's got better clouds, better light, some tram, some bridge, and some castle. What the ...., it's a Lomo of a tram. :-)

T3 On Palackeho Most With Hradcany In Background,…

01 Sep 2007 302
Here's a variation on Picture 1 taken a little further back.

T3 Tram On Palackeho Most With Hradcany In Backgro…

01 Sep 2007 306
I've seen this shot taken before, not only from here but also from the Most Legii, which actually works better because it's closer to the Hradcany. Unfortunately, the bridge is obscuring the numbers on this Tatra T3 double set.

T3 Tram Leaving Namesti Bratri Synku, Prague, CZ,…

01 Sep 2007 252
This shot is too blurred to identify this tram's number, but it's definitely a Tatra T3 double set.

DPP #8603 Passing Hotel Beranek, Belehradska, Prag…

01 Sep 2007 279
I just liked the composition on this one, and the lighting. :-)

DPP #8420 On Palackeho Most, Prague, CZ, 2007

01 Sep 2007 178
This is one of my favorites, in my opinion one of my most "classic" of tram shots. :-)

DPP #8315 On Palackeho Most, Prague, CZ, 2007

01 Sep 2007 202
I like this shot, too, with the slight blur of motion.

DPP #8223 Arriving At Namesti Bratri Synku, Pragu…

01 Sep 2007 229
I saw the compostion of this shot and immediately liked it, so here it is. :-)

DPP #8223 and 8322 At Palackeho Namesti, Prague, C…

01 Sep 2007 242
Here's a variation on the DPP#s 8223, 8322, and ???? shot.

DPP#s 8223, 8322, and ????, Palackeho Namesti, Pra…

01 Sep 2007 239
This is a variation on the first tram shot that I ever uploaded to Flickr, which some of you will remember. In this shot, though, there are three, instead of two trams. :-)

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