CD 810 Class Railbus On Zelecnicni Most, Prague, CZ, 2007

Old Flickr Rail Photos

These are basically the rail photos from my old Rail Photos Set on Flickr. When I found the Greasemonkey script for migration I started immediately, although it could be awhile before everything is moved here, if ever. (Under co

DPP #8402 In The Snow, Karlovo Namesti, Prague, CZ…

01 Sep 2007 442
I took this one in Karlovo Namesti (actually Moran), one of the busiest parts of Prague for trams.

Snow, Namesti Bratri Synku, Prague, CZ, 2007

01 Sep 2007 299
Namesti Bratri Synku definitely had as much snow as any other part of Prague this year, and maybe even a bit more than average.

DPP #9111 In The Snow, Karlovo Namesti, Prague, CZ…

01 Sep 2007 284
Here's yet another shot of the prototype Skoda 14T tram, #9111. As is now well known, the fleet are now entering service, and I've now spotted the entire current fleet 9111-9122 in regular service.

DPP #9113, Vaclavske Namesti, Prague, CZ, 2007

01 Sep 2007 256
This was the first time I saw #9113...ever. It was also the first time I had ever seen a Skoda 14T in service before I saw it in testing, and the first time I saw a 14T working service 9. I was also lucky to have my Lomo, as the other camera I had with me that day was the Ikoflex, and I was certain that I wouldn't have it ready before the tram pulled out of the stop.

DPP Lanova Draha #2 At Ujezd, Prague, CZ, 2007

01 Sep 2007 252
This is one of my only successful photos taken inside the funicular railway station at Ujezd. I got it using my Lomo 135BC, but with the help of my Gossen Polysix light meter, since the Lomo doesn't have any specified settings for indoor shooting.

Class 810 Railbus In The Snow At Cercany, Bohemia(…

01 Sep 2007 1 2 334
This is one of a number of snow photos I've taken in Cercany, this one being from the latest batch taken at the beginning of February.

Class 742 Diesel With Freight In The Snow, Cercany…

01 Sep 2007 330
Here's one of my few photos of a Czech freight train, this one taken in Cercany. The locomotive, a Class 742 diesel built by CKD sometime in the 1970s or 1980s, is a common sight on freight trains in Central Bohemia, and can also occassionally be seen on local passenger services.

Sunset, Nadrazi Holesovice, Holesovice, Prague, CZ…

01 Sep 2007 286
I shot this while waiting for a train to Bradford, England. YES! REALLY!! I'm sick of airlines losing my luggage. Anyway, I would have to take six trains, actually, one from here to Berlin, a couchette from Berlin to Brussels, the Eurostar Brussels to London Waterloo, the Underground Waterloo to King's Cross, a GNER Intercity 225 to Leeds, and finally a First Northern local to Bradford Interchange. I don't know if it was the longest train trip I ever took, but it was certainly one of the longest. In any case, I hope you like this sunset!! :-)

CD #371 003-5 Illuminated By A Sunset, Nadrazi Hol…

01 Sep 2007 348
I took many, many different versions of this shot while waiting for the "Hungaria" to take me to Berlin. This locomotive would be our power, but for the moment it was waiting for the train to arrive with Slovak power on the point. The lighting was what struck me more than anything, though, as Class 371s are a dime a dozen in Holesovice.

Sunset Reflection, Nadrazi Holesovice, Holesovice,…

01 Sep 2007 279
This was the same sunset as earlier, only reflected in the glass of a shelter on my platform in Holesovice.

Sunset On Pendolino, Nadrazi Holesovice, Holesovic…

01 Sep 2007 342
Just as the sunset illuminated other trains and objects, it also had the chance to illuminate the Pendolino, which showed up exactly when I was ready for it. I heard the announcement, ran a few meters, composed the shot, and clicked.

Rail Grinding Machine???, Nadrazi Holesovice, Hole…

01 Sep 2007 329
I'm really stumped as to what this machine is, although it's obviously some kind of MOW equipment. I'm assuming its a rail grinder, as it doesn't look elaborate enough to be a ballast cleaner. Does anybody know?

Freight Past Sunset, Nadrazi Holesovice, Holesovic…

01 Sep 2007 319
Finally, I had the treat of a freight train pulling through Holesovice ahead of my train, which probably explained why my train was about 10 minutes late.

ZSSK #350 008-9 Pulling EC170, the "Hungaria," int…

01 Sep 2007 350
Finally my train, EC170, the "Hungaria," arrived with a Slovak Class 350 electric waiting to be cut off and replaced with the 371 pictured earlier. It was about 10 minutes late, but ultimately I didn't miss my Berlin connection as a result.

MAV Diner, Rolling At 140 Km/h+ somewhere near Dec…

01 Sep 2007 314
The coaching stock on the Hungaria is usually Hungarian, appropriate to the name, and the Hungarian State Railway, MAV, is truly a throwback to the age of steam when it comes to luxury. This was the diner where I had a very good meal for dirt cheap while rolling through the night towards Berlin. The diner, I should note, is thoroughly modern, and authorized for 200Km/h operation, even if it looks like it was built in the 1930s.

GNER Intercity 225s At London King's Cross, London…

01 Sep 2007 379
Jumping way, way ahead in my story, this was after I arrived at King's Cross and got my camera out again. The Intercity 225 in the foreground would take me to Leeds.

GBRf #66714 & 66711, unknown location KX-Peterboro…

01 Sep 2007 355
If anyone can help me with the location of this and the next shot, I would be grateful. I didn't note the location, but took the shot because I wasn't sure if I had any shots of BGRf Class 66 freight diesels yet. In any case, here's a wild shot taken out of the side of my Intercity 225 going 125 m.p.h., or something close to that, on the way to Peterborough.

GBRf # 66714 & 66711, Picture 2, unknown location…

01 Sep 2007 357
Here's my second Class 66 shot, even more desperate than the first, but actually better in some ways.

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