CD 810 Class Railbus On Zelecnicni Most, Prague, CZ, 2007

Old Flickr Rail Photos

These are basically the rail photos from my old Rail Photos Set on Flickr. When I found the Greasemonkey script for migration I started immediately, although it could be awhile before everything is moved here, if ever. (Under co

DPP #8609 Passing Mestan Pivovar, Holesovice, Prag…

01 Sep 2007 301
Trams pass by the old Mestan Pivovar all the time, but this was a lucky shot.

ex-Lancashire & Yorkshire #957 and Taff Vale #85 A…

01 Sep 2007 1 470
This is the first of a series of black and whites that I took on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway on my third visit there on February 18th, 2007. I started shooting black and white, if I'm not mistaken, when I got to Oxenhope, but I have to admit that in general these photos may not be in perfect order. Here we see ex-L&Y #957, built in 1887 (really!!), and Taff Vale #85, which is also ancient. The 957 is my favorite, though, being an L&Y "Ironclad" 0-6-0, as brutally authentic as a vintage British steamer can get. Neither is the oldest I've ever ridden behind, but they come close. They're also both quite small, so our train was headed by both locomotives.

Keighley & Worth Valley Railway Excursion Departin…

01 Sep 2007 295
Here we are accelerating out of Oxenhope.

K&WV Train On A Curve To The Left, West Yorkshire,…

01 Sep 2007 250
I don't know exactly where this was, but maybe some of you K&WV volunteers could enlighten me. Although I've been over the K&WV three times, I don't claim to know it well.

K&WV Train On A Curve To The Left, Picture 2, West…

01 Sep 2007 296
As on Picture 1, I don't know the location of this shot, so any advice would be welcome.

Sunset On The Keighley & Worth Valley Railway, Dam…

01 Sep 2007 250
I'm 90% certain that this is Damems, but if anyone knows better please clue me in.

Departing Damems, West Yorkshire, England(UK), 200…

01 Sep 2007 261
Again, I'm 90% certain this is Damems. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

ex-BR #80002, Keighley, West Yorkshire, England(UK…

01 Sep 2007 305
I'm again not sure of the correct order of these shots, but this is a shot back at Keighley before either an earlier run than the first that I showed, or a later one after the first. This wasn't the train I rode, though, as far as I know.

ex-BR #80002, Picture 2, Keighley, West Yorkshire,…

01 Sep 2007 278
Whenever or in whatever context that I took this (I don't remember) I like it. :-)

L&Y #957 Running Around At Keighley, West Yorkshir…

01 Sep 2007 333
Here's a shot of 957 running around at Keighley. In reality, both 957 and 85 ran around, but seperately.

ex-L&Y #957, Viewed Over Tender, Keighley, West Yo…

01 Sep 2007 388
I took this out of a train window and over 957's tender at Keighley. I just liked the shot.

K&WV Railfan/Trainspotter/Line Permit/Official Pho…

01 Sep 2007 370
Apparently a lot of people had line permits for the weekend, as it was a Steam Gala weekend. I never found out whether they were working for the railway, for a magazine, for themselves, or a combination of things, probably a combination.

Train Station At Oxenhope, West Yorkshire, England…

01 Sep 2007 267
Either this was at the start of the previous run or halfway through the second one, I'm not sure.

Train Windows, Keighley, West Yorkshire, England(U…

01 Sep 2007 1 1 401
This one is kind of an oddity that I took at Keighley.

ex-London & North Western #790, "Hardwicke" at the…

01 Sep 2007 362
Here's another oddity that I finished the roll of Ilford with. Maybe it's not as dramatic as the Keighley & Worth Valley stuff, but it is still, I think, a valid use of an FP4 frame.

K&WV Excursion Departing Keighley, West Yorkshire,…

01 Sep 2007 360
Whoops!! I forgot these two. Enjoy. :-)

K&WV Excursion Departing, Picture 2, Keighley, Wes…

01 Sep 2007 365
Here's another one.

CD #810 288-1 At Krivoklat, Bohemia (CZ), 2007

01 Sep 2007 1 266
I took this shot while waiting for a steam excursion to take me back to Prague from Krivoklat. This is a Ceske Drahy Class 810 Railbus, very common on branchlines, but nothing spectacular. It probably wouldn't be unfair to compare it to the "Pacer" railbuses used in the UK, actually, except for that 810s are lower and wider, if I'm not mistaken.

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