CD 810 Class Railbus On Zelecnicni Most, Prague, CZ, 2007

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These are basically the rail photos from my old Rail Photos Set on Flickr. When I found the Greasemonkey script for migration I started immediately, although it could be awhile before everything is moved here, if ever. (Under co

DPP #8211 Seen From Zelecnicni Most, Prague, CZ, 2…

01 Sep 2007 250
This shot originally had a bad light leak on the left, but I cropped it to square format so now it's alright. This is my only Prague tram photo taken from this location, and one of the few that I have taken from a above.

CD #810103-2, Roztoky U Prahy, Bohemia(CZ), 2006

01 Sep 2007 238
810103-2 was working a service arriving from Praha-Liben, which I would take back as far as Holesovice for a connection with the Prague metro. Like the Masarykovo Nadrazi sculpture, I didn't get around to posting this until now.

CD #810103-2, Picture 2, Roztoky U Prahy, Bohemia(…

01 Sep 2007 220
I took this as I was boarding 810103-2, which was running completely light (one car only) working a service to Praha-Liben. I would get off at Holesovice, where I would photograph the Pendolino for the first time.

DPP #9111, Approaching Karlovo Namesti, Prague, CZ…

01 Sep 2007 232
Here's the new Skoda 14T out and about again. This was one of the first times I had seen it deal with snow, and it seemed to be doing as well as the other trams.

DPP #8658, Andel (Smichov), Prague, CZ, 2007

01 Sep 2007 235
I loved the sunlight on this shot. This was taken at the same Andel tram stop as my earlier shot.

DPP #8368, Obchodni Dum Petriny, Petriny, Prague,…

01 Sep 2007 284
The snowfall which covered Petriny wasn't heavy, but given how warm the winter of 2006-2007 has been, it is a bit of a surprise that we even got this much. The trams make light work of it, as they usually do, having built-in snowplows.

DPP #7150, Obchodni Dum Petriny, Petriny, Prague,…

01 Sep 2007 257
Petriny is one of the suburbs of Prague, in the northwest part of the city. This is the stop before the last one on this line, the last one being Sidliste Petriny, and this one being Obchodni Dum Petriny.

DPP #7024, Prasny Most, Prague, CZ, 2007

01 Sep 2007 222
I shot this out of the window of another tram, as we were passing through the Prasny Most stop. What this Ford Focus driver is doing isn't foolish, actually, as notice he's using the same street as we are. 7024 has a red light, and the Focus has the green.

Andel Tram Stop, Andel (Smichov), Prague, CZ, 2007

01 Sep 2007 231
Andel actually has more than one tram stop, this one being in front of the Andel Metro station. Directly behind me, out of view, is the biggest Apple Computer store in Prague, and staight ahead and around the corner to the left is the Novy Smichov shopping centre. Around the corner to the right is the Kavakavakava coffeehouse, one of my favorites, and straight ahead is Stefanikova, and eventually the Mala Strana.

View To The North From Praha Hlavni Nadrazi, Pictu…

01 Sep 2007 228
This is an alternate shot to Picture 1, which is easier to see because it's shot on the outer tracks outside of the train shed, making a good exposure much easier.

View To The North From Praha Hlavni Nadrazi, Pragu…

01 Sep 2007 228
It's hard to see in this photo, but we're actually looking down the north throat of Sherwood Forest (Hlavni Nadrazi) Yard. Praha Hlavni Nadrazi, while a major terminus, is nevertheless a run-through design, with trains north to Decin, Dresden, and Berlin going this way, and trains to Benesov, Ceske Budejovice, Plzen, Brno, and Wein going the other way (please correct these directions if I got them wrong, I'm shooting them off by memory :-)).

Statues, Fantova Kavarna, Praha Hlavni Nadrazi, Pr…

01 Sep 2007 596
In spite of Fantova Kavarna being open to the public, this shot illustrates how difficult it can be to get the right range. I actually shot this from the pedestrian tunnel that leads to the tracks, as there's a huge hole in the ceiling to remind you of what's upstairs. That's understandable, since the tunnel system under the station used by most passengers is more or less universally considered ugly, whereas Fantova Kavarna, flaking plaster notwithstanding, is a whole other story.

Stained Glass, Fantova Kavarna, Praha Hlavni Nadra…

01 Sep 2007 242
Praha Hlavni Nadrazi, while much-maligned today because of its dilapidation, was nevertheless originally built in a spectacularly monumental style, in keeping with other big city stations of the time. Much of it is still there, too, but above street level and off to the side of the tracks, where there are offices. This part, though, is open to the public, as it houses the landmark Fantova Kavarna coffeehouse.

Platform 2, Praha Hlavni Nadrazi, Prague, CZ, 2007

01 Sep 2007 238
Although the station has too many tracks for it to cover all of them, the inner platforms of Hlavni Nadrazi have a fair-sized train shed.

Dejvice Signalbox, Next To Hradcanska Tram Stop An…

01 Sep 2007 324
I took this just as the sun was finally coming out after several days of snow and storms. I liked the way the buildings were illuminated.

CD Train #R641 Locoless, Praha Hlavni Nadrazi, Pra…

01 Sep 2007 282
Here's a shot of train #R641 for Ceske Budejovice, waiting for it's locomotive at Praha Hlavni Nadrazi. There are so many coaches on to accomodate unexpected ski traffic that you can't see to the end!!!

CD Train #R641 Destination Board, Praha Hlavni Nad…

01 Sep 2007 277
This is one of the express trains for Ceske Budejovice, and on this particular day (January 26th, 2007) it looked like it was all set to be packed to standing room only with skiiers, in spite of having over 10 cars on.

CD #452014-4, Praha Hlavni Nadrazi, Prague, CZ, 20…

01 Sep 2007 251
Here's...yet another Class 452 shot!! #452014-4 is waiting in this picture to work a service Praha Hlavni Nadrazi-Benesov U Prahy.

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