Another sunny morning here so I wandered over to Iceland for my big shop.It was an uneventful walk but pleasant. I had a special treat to look forward to in Iceland. They sent me an email yesterday inviting me to pick a treat from their frozen dessert cabinet as a birthday gift. I mulled over the large selection and picked on the one I had almost made my mind up on before I went.

A Strawberry Cheesecake. I have had these before and they are every bit as tasty as they look. So there is a special treat for Ellen and me after dinner tomorrow.£37 lighter a retraced my steps and munched on a couple of Lorne sausage butties. (Lorne sausage are flat skinless sausage just right for butties and very tasty)
The afternoon is warm with a lot of sunny intervals between the patches of cloud so I have been slonking outside again.Time to check on dinner,a chicken casserole type dish with dashes of this a shakes of that so first tasting should be interesting. Catch you soon