Thank you for all you kind messages and card they do mean so much to me.

Today was quiet with Ellen at work so I spent time in the garden tidying some edges up and getting rid of a few baddies.That done I sat down and did a crossword,read a little and drank coffee,a pleasant way to spend some time.

Mother rang to wish me happy birthday as always I am off up there Saturday at the latest.
When Ellen came home she gave me an extra gift on top of the money towards the train fare. A presentation box of British Beers,very tasty they look.

Stephen popped round for an hour so we so we were having a good three way chat which we don't get many of these wasn't long until Gemma appeared bringing my gift from her,Carl and Arron a lovely gift set of a whiskey glass and a bottle pourer.She thought it would be fun as her dad had given me the whiskey.
I had to try it out of course so Stephen and me had a slug of the Bushmills,well I had to make sure the pourer poured didn't I?

I keep stopping as I type this to take a spoonful of the delicious Strawberry Cheesecake that was Iceland's birthday gift it really is scrummy.
I will catch up very soon as I am expecting Carl anytime now. See you soon and thanks again