Today is Father's day here.My birthday falls round about this time so sometimes I get double gifts as with a bottle of nectar of the Gods also known as Bushmills Black Bush from Stephen.
Sometimes a get two gifts on the different days. Today Ellen gave me a t shirt for my holidays and a jar of Daddy's boiled sweets.For my birthday she is giving me £50 towards my trip to Devon next month.

On my way out shopping today I noticed this little fella growing in a crack in the pathway.

I have two photos of animals on high. I spotted this cat on a rooftop across the way watching the birds.

Stephen found the squirrel on his bedroom window sill and snapped it on his phone.

Two cute little beasts.
Time to start prepping dinner,today we are having roast lamb chops with rough mashed spuds,sprouts plus carrots and turnip mashed with butter and pepper,catch you soon