We have a nice sunny day here after a dull start so I did my weekly clothes wash and hung it on the whirly.
I have a free day today and tonight I have the egg chasers to watch on the goggle box.
So my only jobs are feeding myself and two cats,in this case the cats are easy but my meal needs a little prepping. I have some beef steak cut into cubes which I am making a casserole/stew with.
I browned the meat in a wok added onions,garlic and sliced carrots a squeeze of tomato purée sprinkled in some mixed herbs gave it a stir added the stock made with half a bottle of strong IPA and poured it into a Pyrex casserole just the right size for one good portion with maybe a little left over for seconds. I mixed cornflour with cold water and stirred that in and left it all to soak up the flavours for a few hours. When the time comes to cook it I will put it in the oven for an hour then mix some suet dumplings seasoned with parsley in with it and cook for another half an hour. A mouth watering meal in the making.
Now with time an half a bottle beer to kill I am off into the garden to catch a few rays. It is a pleasant 54f out there today that's around 12c in new money. Catch you soon.