Another rainy day here so I am cabined up with 2 cats.
Ellen has a break from work from Friday until Tuesday so after work today she is going straight to the station and spending a long weekend with Colin. This means I will be cooking and eating what Ellen calls my weird stuff. For weird read cooked with herbs and or spices.
I went to the chemist to pick up my meds earlier and took a couple of snaps of the George Hotel,this 100 year old building is being demolished and the site cleared for houses.
It is a fine old building and it is sad to see it go,but that's the state of the nation at the moment everybody is struggling.
I have in the past played in the darts,pools,dominoes teams and also I was part of the quiz team .I have had a lot of happy memories of parties for weddings,Christenings and birthday parties plus live music on a Saturday nights when Margaret and I would have our weekly night out together .
There is one very poignient memory because this is where we gathered after Margartet's funeral.

I spotted a much nicer photo than the demolition squad on my way home.This little corner of the allotments brings a dash of colour to a drab day