After yesterday's sunshine today is dull and damp with rain forecast for later. With this in mind I decided to start on my new project which I mulled over yesterday while catching a few rays in the garden. The shed I knocked down is lying around and is pretty much as I left it apart from a few struts and slats I have sawn up and disposed of. As getting rid of it in small amounts is a long job I had the idea of lining the edges of the grass areas with the planking to stop the grass wandering. I knew the bottom boards were rotten but at first glance the rest looked OK. I dragged the the uppermost of the side panels out which was the one with the window in and set to work. I placed house-bricks under each corner prized the end open with a crowbar and gave the planks a love tap with a lump hammer along it's length. This side panel is 8' X 4' so I hoped for a reasonable return for my efforts. Alas and alack this was not to be,a lot of the planks are rotten so it is piled up against the fence for now as the rain has started. I will sort it out later and hope the other side and back panels are in better nick. At least the sturdy framework is sound so I will find some way of using most of that.
I found this photo on my camera. I was going to post it yesterday but forgot. It is the beef and dumpling dinner in a rich onion gravy I had for dinner,it makes me hungry just looking at it.

Today I am on fish chips and mushy peas from the local chippy but now time for a coffee after my exertions and then a catch up on here.