After yesterday's walk in the woods the old body is creaking a bit today but it is not too bad. The reason I walk? read on.
Bernard mentioned on my blog yesterday that I do get about a bit. This is true I have always been one for long hikes and exploring the countryside. I can't walk as far as I used to of course,with my back becoming increasing bothersome the 12 mile walks are out nowadays half that distance is about the limit.
A few years ago 6 retired like minded men decide that we would wander off poking around places people don't normal walk. We would wander off on nice days sometimes all of us together sometimes in twos or threes and have a good meander. I long outing would require a packed lunch of course. These trips always ended at one of the local ale houses and then on to the chippy to round off a good walk.
One by one the Walney Posse as I named us fell by the wayside. 2 died which was very inconsiderate I thought,one left the island and the other two are unable to walk any distance nowadays. This means I am the last man standing and carry the tradition bringing them photos and reports of where I have been and who I may have met along the way. They may pop in today to watch the footie and the slide-show of yesterday's ramble.
OK sometimes I spend the next day in pain but it is a small price to pay for the enjoyment I get and I owe it the the memories and great times I had with the other 5 in our little group to keep this going as long as these old bones will let me and besides I love doing it.
I have the whirly full of clothes drying nicely and now it's time for lunch. Ham and Branston butties methinks