It was a warm but muggy morning and I was off to visit my old mam. I decided on a 30 minute bus ride to get to the top of the hill near her house.The reason for this was to visit How Tun woods an ancient woodland being restored to it's former state or as near as can be managed. So I strapped my back brace on before getting ready for a little exploring.
I alighted from the bus and looked for an entrance at the top of hill hitherto unknown to me,I found it easily enough and wandered into the woods and around it maze of pathways.There were small patches of bluebells and white blue bells all over the place,I stopped for a chat with a fellow walker at the little stone platform it is there for getting elevation for better views. You can indeed see farther into the Lakeland Fells but as it was a hazy it wasn't too good for distance viewing.
I took photos of my little island home just over the channel I looked south but visibility was too poor to see anything.Blackpool tower is visible on a clear day. I did get a shot across the road and rail lines of the two hills that make up the big climb,these are man made old slag banks from the ironworks of yesteryear I meandered on my walk around chatting to various people before heading down to the quarry floor,quite a steep descent that. A few hundred yard stroll along the path heading west brought me out at the end of mother's street,you can glimpse her place through the trees.
I stayed awhile catching up on family news before flashing the pass for my two bus journey home. I got off a couple of stops early and called at the chippy for my lunch of fish,chips and mushy peas and they went down a treat. I have the weekend to myself so there are no set meals or times for eating.
The first job when I got in was ripping the back support off, it does it's job but by it makes your skin leak. Now fed and watered I am posting this and an album of the photos before relaxing in my massage chair for an hour or so.
CLICK HERE for photo album

Catch you soon.