After the glorious day yesterday I awoke to teeming rain and two pissed off cats who wanted to play out.They finally conceded defeat and went back to bed.
So cabined up again I caught up on reading my book about life for ordinary folk in 50s Britain,it's very interesting and reminds me of what my childhood was like.
Nothing much doing otherwise,I have no after effects from yesterday's little jaunt not
even a hint of back pain.I put this down to my new chair which while very comfy is
perfect for posture.I only sit here now when I am on the computer then back to my
little cocoon.
Today I am going to cook duck breasts for dinner with roast spuds and our beloved
sprouts all smothered in onion gravy,I will scour the duck skin and brush it with a
honey and lemon sauce.Just the food for a dismal day. Have fun