A nice sunny morning for my trip to see Mother on here 88th birthday.
I decided the 6 mile round trip over the big rise was a little bit too much after my recent bad spell so I bused half way there and walked along the flat.Not picturesque but it was good to get some miles all be it a few in my legs this early.
I spent a pleasant few hours with Mam the last half hour with my sister Pat who arrived on the scene,our sister Paula is due later for tea and is treating mam to a take away.
Taking my leave I retraced my steps back into town again and flashed the pass for the bus ride home with 3 miles under my belt,not a lot but a start
.Zazzles came running to meet me when he saw me at the bus stop Sooty was asleep in his new favourite place,a laundry basket in the spare room,you might have seen to photo I posted.
Time has Marched on since then and it's time to make dinner.Today it will be breaded turkey escalopes with jacket potatoes filled with smoked bacon and cheese,a portion of beans will go well with it I think. I'll catch up early evening I hope,see you soon.