Another cold damp dark day here.Whatever happened to nice crisp winter mornings?
With rain in the air I flashed the pass over to town,picked up my pipe fodder and had a mooch around the freezer shop for any bargains.
I picked up 2 tomato and two chicken condensed soups at 28p each,good for a
base stock a well as a nice quick lunch with crusty bread.
4 assorted packets of sauce mixes for casseroles for when I'm feeling too lazy to
make my own.
6 dairy frozen cream doughnuts for £1:1and a box of Mr Kipling's French Fancies 8
for 60p.
Only odds and ends but it passed the time until the bus arrived which was at the
same time as the rain.Luckily with only a few yards to walk when I arrived home I
kept dry.
Now all is peaceful,Ellen won't be back until this evening,Sooty is asleep in the
laundry basket and Zazzles is off on an adventure somewhere.
I took this snap of Zazzles posing as Joe Cool the other night.The band he is
guarding is one of Ellen's hair bands which he snaffled,I see it's with his other
treasures this morning.