Some smells bring back memories of childhood,today the lamb simmering away in the casserole was such a time.
When I was small it would be mutton not lamb of course, mother would buy cheap misshapes off the butcher I do the same but it's lamb and a big bag is £5 in Iceland.
We would stand my sister Pat and me looking out of the third floor flat window as the rain swept the streets and the wind howled,much as it is today. We were watching for my dad coming home from work.He would appear round the corner on his bike head bent against the wind and rain and Pat and me would race down the stone steps to meet him.We would help him carry his bike up to our landing although I am not sure how much help we were. Into the house he would give my mam a quick peck on the cheek and go into the into the kitchen, strip to the waist and wash with water from the kettle already boiled up for him.
Then out would come the dinner and we waited at table with eating irons at the ready,just the food for a cold rainy day as it is today. Today the lamb is simmering away but this time I am waiting for my daughter Ellen coming in wet and cold after a
hard day at work.
Happy memories brought back by the smell of dead sheep cooking,very romantic,well not for the sheep obviously.