We had a surprise visit from the grandchildren last and they stayed a couple of hours.They do get on so well together and are very close.
When they were younger Gemma used to fuss around Carl like mother hen,now Carl is Gemma's protector. I noticed when they were leaving just how tall Carl has grown he is a full head and shoulders taller than me now.I asked him how tall he is but he has no idea,he still fits through the door but there's not much clearance.

Ellen is on a long shift today from 6:30am until 5:00 so she will be out of the house for more than 12 hours.I have a shepherds pie in the oven simmering away.Not one of
those which are like cottage pies with minced lamb instead of beef but the tradition one.
Layers of lamb pieces,onions,carrots,swede and sliced potatoes with a lamb stock,white pepper and Worcester sauce to taste,a shake of parsley and it's done.
About half an hour before it's cooked I will take the lid off and add some blobs of butter so the top layer of potatoes can brown and crisp up a little with the lid off.That should fill a corner.