On a cold wet morning I took advantage of a dry spell and caught the first of two buses needed to get to mother's.At the change over point the wind strengthed and the rain lashed down.I had 12 minutes to wait huddled in the shelter with the other poor souls before the bus arrived. We piled on double quick and away we went.The rain let up 100 yards before I had to get off so I arrived dry. Mother was in good fettle and we exchanged Christmas cards.I put her presents under the
tree and we settled down exchanging family news and gossip.The rain was hammering down again so I was keeping my eye out for a break.Two hours later the rain stopped so I hightailed it for the bus stop.2 minutes to wait for the bus,3 minutes on change over and I was home again dry if cold.A few minutes later the wind returned and brought the rain with it.That was it for the rest of the day until 10 minutes ago when it let up.The met office has forecast this weather for over Christmas,I'm glad I spend mine at home with only a 100yard dash to my sons house on Christmas afternoon for eats and drinks.
No cook Saturday today and the take away was slices of beef
with fresh pineapple and fried rice,very tasty.Now all is quiet Sooty is sleeping and Zazzles is in the alcove on the wheelie bin watching the world go by.
My grandson Carl finished work at the holiday park at the end of November and starts again the beginning of March.He went to the job centre and they offered him part time poorly paid jobs working over Christmas.Carl was having none of this and decided he would find work himself. He applied at a hotel just down the road for something with more hours until March.He must have impressed them they rung him today offering him 40 hours per week starting after Christmas.He is a happy young man now and doesn't have to work Christmas