I had a very strange start to the day,I didn't wake until 9:30 around 3 hours later than usual. I woke as normal alert and ready to go and thought it was very light outside.Peering out of the bedroom window I disovered it was broad daylight.I checked the time on my phone and it was a shock.So my Sunday trip to town was cancelled the place would be heaving by the time I got there,an early start tomorrow will fettle that job
I only have one thing to watch on the goggle box this afternoon,the egg chasers will be playing.The two bottom sides in the league squaring up so an important game for both in the lengthy battle to avoid relegation.The pitch will be strewn with teeth and red will stain the turf as 30 big men knock 7 bells out of out other for 80 minutes,nice relaxing fare for aquiet Sunday afternoon.
The weather is poor again strong winds and squally showers so I will be cabined up unless it improves dramatically.Time for some lunch before I settle down to watch the
game,catch you soon.